Samara public men opposed the new law on the protection of animals

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Social activists are concerned about aspects of the law on the protection of animals, which, in their opinion, does not solve the problem with the attack of stray animals on people, and being asked to leave the question of the culling of dogs at the discretion of the regions, the relevant appeal was sent to the Federation Council, told RIA news the Chairman of the Board of the Association center of social interaction Andrew Ishmuratov.

«I believe that the law is excessive emphasis on the culling of stray dogs, and introduces a method of regulating the number of «catch-spay-return», which is nowhere in the world has not given positive results in the form of a reduced number of bites. This procedure does not take into account regional specifics, the financial resources of the municipalities, and threatened paralichem protivoepidemicheskie activities,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

As noted by Andrew Ishmuratov, a review on the bill with a request to assess the bill and make the appropriate changes have been sent to the Committee for Federative structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs of the Federation Council.

The new law requires mandatory maintenance of animals in shelters, banning the killing and a ban on catching of animals with labels. In addition, the draft legislation States that, after catching dogs can be spayed and returned to the natural environment. Experts believe that such method is not applicable, for example, for regions of the far North, where it is unacceptable in the winter to release the animals to the place of capture. In this case, according public men, in Samara, where applicable euthanasia of stray animals has been a threefold decrease in the number of cases of animal bites.

Social activists propose to leave the issue of animal control at the discretion of regional and municipal authorities. As noted Ishmuratov, regions could choose the best solution based on their financial, environmental, cultural conditions and the epidemiological situation on the ground.

Earlier it was reported, the second reading in the state Duma the project about responsible treatment of animals was moved to June 21. The document was adopted by the state Duma in the first reading in 2011. A modified version of the draft for the second reading will include a number of important regulations aimed at protecting animals and protecting people. In particular, the bill will be forbidden to work mobile dolphinariums and zoos; entered the list of the most dangerous parody of dogs and rules for their range.