SK has completed the investigation against the administrator of the «group of death» Budykina

© RIA Novosti / Kirill Chocoflop Bodaken (Lis). Archival photoSK has completed the investigation against the administrator of the «group of death» Budykina© RIA Novosti / Kirill Chulkov

Completed the investigation in respect of «Philip the Fox» (real name Philip Sudeikin), the infamous administrator of one of the «groups of death», reports the RF IC in the environment.

«Completed investigation of criminal case against Philip Budykina registered in social networks under the pseudonym of «Philip the Fox», accused under article «Incitement to suicide and attempted he»», — stated in the message.

Materials are currently sent to the Prosecutor and then, in the case of confirmation of the indictment, submitted to the court.

According to the investigation, Sudeikin in April-may 2016 in Moscow and the Moscow region in a social network «Vkontakte» persuaded teenagers to suicide. So, one of the established facts for the 15-year-old resident of Astrakhan, from suicide, in the end, dissuaded law enforcement officers that was in may of last year.

Another fact for Schoolgirls from the Tyumen region, which in June last year at the instigation of the accused tried to commit suicide but her life was saved by doctors, stated in the release.

In SK the Russian Federation stressed that continue to set people to incite Teens to suicide in social networks.

As reported RIA Novosti the press service of the Oktyabrskiy court of St. Petersburg, who was arrested Budykina, he admitted that encouraged teenagers to suicide. He was detained in November 2016 in the suburbs — he became the first defendant in resonance investigation of «groups of death», initiated with the publication of an article in «Novaya Gazeta».

All in all, as reported, searches in cases of «groups of death» took place in ten regions of the country – in Central Russia, and the South, the Volga region and in Siberia. Along with Bodykini, was questioned a number of other administrators of these communities. In the RF IC noted that they «gave detailed and consistent testimony» about their activities.

It was reported that only in the case were relatives of 15 victims, adolescents who were in the «group of death» and committed suicide in various regions of Russia. Suicide five more people did not take place.