Tents in the form of balls: Kazan is preparing for the confederations Cup

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in photobacteria Park of the confederations Cup 2017 in Kazan. Archival photoTents in the form of balls: Kazan is preparing for the confederations Cup© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

The capital of Tatarstan Kazan from 18 to 28 June will take four matches of the confederations Cup in football; according to local authorities, urban infrastructure is fully ready to receive 150-200 thousand fans during this period.

The confederations Cup will be held from 17 June to 2 July in Kazan, Sochi, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The Russian team will play in group A where their opponents are team New Zealand, Mexico and Portugal. In Kazan on June 18 will play the teams of Portugal and Mexico, 22 June — Germany and Chile, 24 June — Mexico and Russia, and on June 28 will host a semifinal match.

The airport is ready

As the press-Secretary of the international airport «Kazan» Adel Gataullin, in preparation for the confederations Cup at the airport in conjunction with all stakeholders (including special) services carry out regular rounds and special tactical activities and exercises, practiced emergency situations, introducing additional security measures.

«In close cooperation with the organising Committee (tournament) was developed by the traffic patterns of client groups, from aircraft to railway square and further into town. For the period of sporting events it offers and participants are placed in a specially equipped terminal information table. At the airport are constantly working volunteers», — he said.

According to him, in the arrivals area of international flights deployed centers issuing personalized cards viewers (passport fan, ID FAN). The airport terminals are equipped with high-tech equipment. During the extensive renovation, undertaken a few years ago, for the convenience of passengers was provided a covered walkway from the terminal to the train station. To get to the city on the train or on the bus, upon presentation of a passport of a fan — free.

Gataullin added that the airfield of the airport «Kazan» is certified according to I and II category of ICAO, which ensures the reception and release of aircraft in adverse weather conditions, and runway of the airport is suitable for reception of the heaviest of aircraft (Airbus 380, Boeing 747 and others).

As reported in the mayor’s office of Kazan during the games the public transport will be extended for 4 hours after the end of matches. For distribution of the audience after the match will involve about 400 buses and 20 three-section trams, which are further organized spectacu 130 bus and 8 tram directly from the stadium. From the train stations «Kazan-1 and Kazan-2» will follow the special shuttles through the subway station.

During the matches the right to free travel in public transport will benefit the audience if they have a ticket to the game and a personalized fan card. Also free will be able to drive volunteers and persons listed on FIFA accreditation card and transport card.

For fans who plan to come by car, will be available ten Park and ride facilities near major shopping centers of the city. They will also be able to use the city Parking lots near the stadium, but organizers still recommended to get to the «Kazan Arena» stadium by public transport. Parking spaces in ticket price not included.

According to the Ministry of transport and road economy of Tatarstan Republic, free travel for fans at the presentation of the ticket will be also possible on commuter trains from the airport to Kazan. In the days of the games from 00.00 to 06.00 the next day with an interval of one hour between the airport and the city will operate the light rail to all the fans arriving solely for the match, could get into the game and get to the air port after her. Will also be additionally assigned to two bus routes between the airport and the stadium.

«Will work for five tents, they are situated in the most attractive, passable places of the city, mainly in the Central part. These are small information houses. The period of their work — from 1 June to 30 August, the enhanced mode will be the period of the confederations Cup and world Cup. We expect that these tents will work in 2017-2018,» — said Ivanov.

The total cost of the installation and content of information made up of tents, he said, 2.2 million rubles, funds were allocated from the Republican budget.

In each of the tents from 10.30 to 18.30 working on three volunteer and curator, and during the matches of the confederations Cup will work with five volunteers from 9.00 to 21.00. The volunteers are students of specialized universities of Kazan and pre-trained. They all speak two languages — Russian and English, some know a third language — German, French or Chinese. Just this year, will involve 200 volunteers, some of whom already have experience of volunteer work held in Kazan in 2015 the world championship in water sports.

Also, specifically for the confederations Cup, 50 Kazan bartenders and waiters were trained on English language courses, half of them successfully passed the exam and received certificates.

The prohibition of alcohol

The Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan has restricted the retail sale of alcohol during the matches of the Confederations Cup 18, 22, 24 and 28 June. Sale of alcoholic products will be prohibited on all retail sales, except restaurants. The prohibition does not apply to beer and beer drinks on tap.

In addition, will prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages within the boundaries of the four areas: in areas of the stadium «Kazan arena» in Kazan two railway stations and the international airport «Kazan».

Tents in the form of balls: Kazan is preparing for the confederations Cup© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobackpack confederations 2017