The Commissioner Moscovici expects that the Athens and creditors reach a compromise

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European Commissioner for economy and Finance Pierre Moscovici said he expects that Greece and its international creditors this week to reach a compromise on new loans, and will be found «fair solution» to ease the country’s debt, reports Reuters.

As stated by Moscovici in an interview with the German media group publications Funke, which will be published on Wednesday, now we are talking about debt relief, for example, the longer the maturity of the loan.

According to the Commissioner, Greece should be rewarded for hard approved by the Parliament a package of reforms and Euro zone Ministers, most likely, Thursday will come to an agreement on the next tranche of the loan. «Everything is moving in the right direction,» said Moscovici.

He said that the third tranche of aid will be the last, after which Greece will become again «a normal member of the Euro zone» that will allow its eventual return to the capital markets in 2018.

The Eurogroup at its meeting on 15 June to consider the implementation by the Greek authorities of creditors on the implementation of certain measures necessary for the adjustment of the economy towards financial aid programs. In addition, will be also discussed and the issue of the affordability of state debt of Greece. If the Ministers will come to a consensus on these issues, they will open the way for a new tranche of the loan.

Greece, under the procedure of forced deficit reduction is still in the process of obtaining external financial assistance in order to avoid default. Now there is the third since 2010, the program finpodderzhki in the amount of 86 billion euros. The program also involves measures agreed by the creditors and the Greek authorities, in order to adjust its economy, in particular, this budget saving, and painful reforms.

In the framework of the third program of financial aid for several months can not complete the second assessment with representatives of the creditors of country compliance with the laid down in this programme. It is expected that this may happen in the coming weeks.