The company KFC will launch a Burger into space next Wednesday

© KFCКадр from the video of KFC on the launch of the Burger in spaceThe company KFC will launch a Burger into space next Wednesday© KFC

Company of KFC and the space startup World View announced the availability of joint plans to launch one of the KFC burgers into space for a few days, what will happen on 21 June, reports Mashable.

«We are proud that we will become the first company that will take your spicy Burger into space. But seriously, we are very proud that we support the aspirations of our partners in the World View to develop space research, and we are fully confident that they will be able to bring our world-famous singer in space,» said Kevin, Hohmann (Kevin Hochman), President of KFC in the United States.

In fact, the KFC Burger will not go into space, and to the border between space and the stratosphere on Board the so-called «stratospheric». It is a special capsule and balloon, which is now being developed in World View for the output of the probes in this border area for a small fraction of the cost of real rockets and space satellites.

Unlike conventional balloons, «stratospheric» is equipped with navigation, and control their movements, allowing engineers World View and their customers to display similar objects to a clearly defined flight paths and change them if necessary.

According to the World View that reports Mashable, offer KFC at first seemed to them frivolous, but they later agreed with him, realizing that such cooperation with the network of fast food restaurants will allow space for a start-up to demonstrate the benefits of «stratospherical» and make space exploration more popular than it is today.

A joint project of KFC and World View will be the first big test for «stratospheric» World View. In the framework of «singer» of the American company scientific and filling the probe will spend in the upper layers of the stratosphere about four days, which will allow engineers to check the work of all systems of the satellite including its solar panels, the high resolution camera and transmission system to Earth.

The results of these experiments and their successful completion, according to Jane Poynter (Poynter Jayne), commercial Director of World View, will pave the way for the creation of a larger version of a capsule on Board that people can go quite a long flight to the edge of space in a similar way.