The confederations Cup in St. Petersburg: the shuttles from the tube and fan zone in the city centre

© RIA Novosti / Michael Bureauracy in totalantivirus equipped with a validator for fare payment by Bank cards and mobile devices, on the street in St. Petersburg. Archival photoThe confederations Cup in St. Petersburg: the shuttles from the tube and fan zone in the city centre© RIA Novosti / Michael Bureauracy the image Bank

The authorities of St. Petersburg in preparation for the confederations Cup in football have tried to do everything to the best fans in the city as comfortable as possible: they run free shuttles, adjusted work schedule, metro, and the city is decorated with flowers and compositions with a football logo.

The confederations Cup will be held from 17 June to 2 July in Kazan, Sochi, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The Russian team will play in group A where their opponents are team New Zealand, Mexico and Portugal. Saint Petersburg to host the opening game Russia — New Zealand on 17 June and the group matches of national teams of Cameroon and Australia on June 22, New Zealand and Portugal on 24 June and the final on 2 July.

Football flower beds and the food court in the fan zone

Installation in Petersburg special designs on the football theme started in St. Petersburg in may. It is planned to install the 300 theme songs 176 of which decorate the city for the confederations Cup, and the others will be mounted for the world Cup in 2018. «Thematic flower beds in the form of a soccer ball and other sports symbols will be installed at the St. Petersburg highway, the waterfront Makarov, Pulkovo highway, along the Duderhof canal, seaside highway, street Dobrolyubova, highway Kronstadt, Peter square, on the prospectus of strikes and other roads. Also planned is the procurement overhead and terrestrial floral designs, flower boxes, lawn fences,» — said the beautification Committee.

As noted by the city authorities, composition and flower beds to football will not only beautify the street, but to remind you about the approach of major international events that will allow residents and guests of St. Petersburg «to feel part of a big sports world.»

For the more active football fans on Konyushennaya square will be organized fan-zone. Here from 17 June to 2 July will be held live broadcasts of football matches of the confederations Cup. The organizers promise that every resident and guest of the city regardless of age and sport affiliation can here interesting and fun.

«Fans of sport and healthy lifestyle will be able to participate in contests, to see the performance of creative and sports teams, learn many new interesting facts about football, to get acquainted with the city and its football history. In the territory will operate a special exhibition of football trophies and attributes that will give the opportunity to see a unique collection,» the organizers said.

For lovers of gastronomic experiences will be organized by the food court from the best restaurant projects in the city. The program also includes a demonstration cooking show on the cooking of the countries participating in the tournament along with star guests.

In non-match days the fan zone will not stop their work, and will be hosting festivals and sporting events. For example, fans will see some show matches with participation of football stars, autograph sessions, flash mobs, sports Souvenirs, soccer paraphernalia.

Shuttles for fans

During the confederations Cup the public transport of Petersburg will be even more comfortable for guests. As reported in the GUP passazhiravtotrans, to deliver football fans to the stadium in the days of the matches will open the routes of Shuttle buses: from Moscow railway station, metro stations «Petrogradskaya», «Vyborg», «Chkalovsky» and the airport «Pulkovo». Also the clock will run a bus from the airport to Uprising square. To service the fans on the Shuttle routes in St. Petersburg were purchased 125 buses extra large class. At the time of the competitions on the sides and in the salons will be posted stickers with the free travel.

The right to free travel on the routes of sports competitions is the bearer of a match ticket and passport fan viewers during the day and four hours after the match, no limits on number of trips.

Routes sporting events, in addition to the shuttles, are as follows: bus routes No. 39Э, 43, 49, 128, 158; tram routes № 19, 48; all subway lines; commuter routes.

The operation time of metro will be extended after the end of football matches. So, in the night from 17 to 18 June, from 22 to 23 June and from 24 to 25 June, the station closed for passengers ‘ entrance at 1.30, except for 1 station lobby «the Prospectus of Veterans,» lobby 2 «Leninsky prospect», entrance lobby 2 «Lenin Square», a lobby 1 of Moskovskaya station and stations «Institute 1», «Alexander Nevsky Square 2», «Dostoyevskaya» and «Spasskaya». Lobby 2 station «Nevsky prospect» are closed for entry and exit of passengers at 23.00.

Fans will also be able to enjoy free travel in suburban trains in service «Severo-the Western suburban passenger company». Free travel is available only during football matches in Saint-Petersburg – 17, 22, 24 June and 2 July. For registration of a travel document granting the right of free travel for spectators of sport competitions must show a personalized map viewer and a ticket for the match. To issue a travel document entitling to free travel at suburban ticket offices or directly on the train from the Comptroller of the cashier.

Availability of sports facilities should be improved and new vehicle and pedestrian bridge in the alignment of Yacht street, which connects the coastal area with Krestovsky island. It is the longest and the highest pedestrian bridge in St. Petersburg, its length is 940 meters height – 16 meters. During mass sports and cultural events at the stadium «Sankt-the Petersburg arena» the bridge will provide a pass to 24 thousand people per hour, and if necessary, prompt passage of special vehicles.

Hotel was under control

As for the city hotel chain, the confederations Cup has the so-called «high season», which increases not only the occupancy of hotels, but rates for their services. However, in those Russian cities that will host football matches, the cost of living in hotels are limited by special resolution of the government of Russia adopted in February 2016. According to this document, in particular, in St. Petersburg during the confederations Cup superior room at the hotel «five stars» can’t do more 630 thousand rubles per day. The maximum cost of accommodation in hotel «four stars» is 79 thousand rubles, «three stars» — 28 thousand rubles, «two stars» — 10 thousand rubles per day.

Representatives of the hotels do not disclose information about the dynamics of the load and the expected increased number of guests due to the influx of fans, but recognize that government regulation of tariffs for the period of holding international sports events impact on their business. «This year, the state regulation of tariffs imposed in connection with the holding of the confederations Cup, has made some adjustments in building sales policy on the market. And only a competent and sober approach to forecasting the expected volumes in different segments allows us to mitigate risks and balance in the market», — told RIA Novosti the representative of one of the foreign hotel chains.

A number of hotels in St. Petersburg, where, during the confederations Cup should be placed teams, judge panel, and the headquarters of FIFA, are in controlled zones, which list approved by the Interdepartmental operational headquarters for the security during the 2018 world Cup and FIFA confederations Cup. In a number of hotels have entered, in particular, the Astoria and Angleterre hotel on St. Isaac’s square, the Grand hotel Europe at the corner of Mikhailovskaya street and Nevsky prospect, as well as Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace Voznesensky Prospekt, Corinthia Hotel Saint Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt.

In addition to hotels, in controlled zones included stadiums, training grounds, venues for festivals fans and remote security screening of cargo. In addition, to ensure the safety of emergency workers in St. Petersburg in advance conducted inspections and checks of all facilities involved in the tournament: airports, stations, number of hotels that will house participants and guests, as well as some cultural facilities.

Special attention is paid to the new stadium on Krestovsky island. «Saint Petersburg Arena», containing about 68 thousand spectators, held large-scale exercises to test joint actions of fire rescue and emergency services and law enforcement agencies. It was attended by about thousand people. In the framework of the exercise were worked out, the rescuers and law enforcement agencies in case of fire and riots.

The confederations Cup in St. Petersburg: the shuttles from the tube and fan zone in the city centre© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobackpack confederations 2017