The festival «Invasion» that will be guarded by 2.6 thousand militiamen

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotoracconti police. Archival photoThe festival «Invasion» that will be guarded by 2.6 thousand militiamen© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

About 2,600 law enforcement officers will ensure the safety of participants and guests of the festival «Invasion», which will be held in the Tver region from July 7 to 9, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the regional government on the results of the coordination meeting on ensuring law and order in the area.

«The rule of law and comfortable stay of the participants and guests of the festival, the organizers decided together with the government of the Tver region, the regional Directorate of the FSB and the interior Ministry. Daily to ensure security on the territory of «Invasion» will have about 2,600 persons, including employees of UMVD of Russia across the Tver region, the OMON, representatives of national guard troops and private security organizations», — said the Agency interlocutor.

He said that at the entrances to the festival site will install metal detectors, and on-site car parks — security cameras. The boundaries of the site and Parking areas will surround the metal grid, will be equipped with temporary roads and lighting, drainage of groundwater.

Special attention is paid to quality control of drinking water and food that will carry on the festival grounds, as well as verification of compliance with required sanitary conditions. At the venue of the festival will have tick treatment.

Also at the festival will be on duty around the clock, four ambulance crews, two paramedic teams and a team of specialized medical care regional clinical hospital, centre of medicine of accidents «Protection» break field hospital. On the basis of medical institutions of the region provision of essential drugs and blood products, a reserve of beds in case of emergency hospitalization of people.

«The festival «Invasion» is one of the largest in the region. Last year it attracted more than 200 thousand people from all over Russia. It is important that the event left the guests only positive impressions», — the press service quoted the words of the Governor of the Tver region Igor farm, with.