The MS-21 aircraft made a second flight

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya in photobacteria flight of the new Russian passenger plane MS-21The MS-21 aircraft made a second flight© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya the image Bank

The new Russian civil plane MS-21, made a second flight, said the developer and the manufacturer of the aircraft «Irkut» (part of United aircraft Corporation).

«The fourteenth of June 2017 at the airfield of the Irkutsk aviation plant – branch of JSC Corporation «Irkut» (part of UAC) was the second flight of the new passenger aircraft MS-21-300″, — stated in the message.

In flight was determined by the landing characteristics of the aircraft and evaluated the performance of its systems. The flight is carried out in the framework of factory flight tests, and passed without comment, said the company.

MS-21 passenger aircraft with a capacity of 150 to 211 passengers, includes the latest developments in aircraft and engine design, avionics and systems. He was replaced by Soviet aircraft «Tu», «Yak» and «An». The first MS-21 took to the air in late may from the airfield of the Irkutsk aviation plant. According to experts, flight tests of a new passenger liner were successful.

The MS-21 aircraft made a second flightGo to fotomasterskie new generation aircraft MS-21