The police asked to extend the arrest of «thief in law» Shakro Young

© Fotolia / Sebastian DudaВ the courtroom. Archival photoThe police asked to extend the arrest of «thief in law» Shakro Young© Fotolia / Sebastian Duda

The police went to court with a request to extend the term of arrest of Zakhary Kalashov, known as the «thief in law» Shakro Young, in the case of extortion of 8 million roubles at the head of the restaurant Elements, located on Rochdelskaya street in Moscow, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Tver court of Moscow Anastasia Jurco.

«The consequence requests an extension of the period of remand in custody of Kalashov. The petition is scheduled for consideration on Thursday at 10.30» she said.

Earlier it became known about the conclusion of the preliminary investigation in the case. At present, the accused are studying the materials.

Kalashov was arrested on 13 July on the case of extortion of large sums from the owner of the restaurant on Rochdelskaya street in Moscow. In December 2015, when «settling» in this institution the warring parties staged a shootout in which they killed two people.

In addition Kalashov and Andrew Kochanova (Italian), which, according to investigators, at the request of Kalashov arrived at the specified restaurant, the case of extortion are an ex-employee of the interior Ministry Goosby Colonel Evgeny Surzhikov who work in a chop of the Italian, as well as a number of builders who came to a meeting in a restaurant, demanding to pay them a salary for their work.

After the shooting, the restaurant was opened several criminal cases. Ex-KGB officer, attorney Edward Budantseva, according to investigators, a premium gun and shot two of the guards of the Italian. In addition, filed the case against three police officers who, according to investigators, did not prevent the shooting (their case is being heard in court).

In addition, the Lefortovo court of Moscow with the filing of the Federal security service arrested three senior members of the Investigative Committee of Russia, including General Denis Nikandrov. The FSB accused them of accepting bribes for leniency Italian.