The rector of MEPhI said, why physicists-nuclear physicists need to study theology

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitrostyrene National research nuclear University MEPhI Mikhail Strikhanov. Archival photoThe rector of MEPhI said, why physicists-nuclear physicists need to study theology© RIA Novosti / Alexander Natruskin

Future physicists-nuclear physicists need to get acquainted with the theology to counter terrorist ideologies and to consider the moral dimension in their future research, — the rector of National research nuclear University «MEPhI» Mikhail Strikhanov.

On Wednesday at the site of NRNU MEPhI held the first all-Russian scientific conference «Theology in the educational space.»

«It should be noted that the vacuum of parenting extremely dangerous for any country. I will give an example, for us it is very important when several thousand students of our University were in the orbit of the known sects We see what the danger would be subjected to society, with thousands of the best nuclear scientists – almost members of the terrorist sect,» said].

He also noted that many studies in nuclear physics have a moral dimension, as it can bring disastrous consequences to mankind.

«The interdisciplinary nature of scientific research, educational programs, and joint (programs) humanitarian unit provides a synergy of education» — said the rector.

He is convinced that the experience of the MIFI shows that theology in a technical University is not an exotic educational discipline, not a whim of the representatives of the Church, not try to invade someone else’s space and impose a religious worldview. ] Also proposed a conference on theology annual, and conduct her to the ground MIFI.

In 2012, MEPhI was opened the Department of theology. This caused a public outcry and accusations that the Orthodox Church allegedly trying to interfere in the work of the secular University. The ROC in turn, said that the Department is the division of the Humanities block, which offers students a number of elective courses, preparing theologians and not interfere with the work of other departments.

Theology was recognized as an academic discipline by the Higher attestation Commission (HAC) in 2015. In 2016, made possible the protection of works on the subject, when was the dissertation and expert advice. The first Russian dissertation on the theology have defended in Moscow, the author — Archpriest Paul Hondzinsky.