The Spanish Parliament was unable to vote non-confidence in Rajoy

© AP Photo / Andre Lepperdinger-the Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy. Archival photoThe Spanish Parliament was unable to vote non-confidence in Rajoy© AP Photo / Andre Penner

The Congress of deputies of the Spanish Parliament fails to grant a vote of no confidence in the government, Mariano Rajoy.

After the debate, which began Tuesday and continued Wednesday for the resignation of Rajoy voted by 82 deputies, against — 170, still 97 deputies abstained. One member did not participate in the vote. A vote of no confidence shall be made in the case if it is supported by the absolute majority of the deputies (congressmen 176 of 350).

The initiative to send the government of the people’s party to resign was made by the leftist coalition «Together we can» (Podemos and United left). As an alternative candidate for the post of Prime Minister, she put forward the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias.

The reason for the resignation of Rajoy left the coalition believes numerous lawsuits around the senior members headed by the popular party, and that the government cannot settle the «Catalan question».

The Secretary General of Podemos in his speech said that Rajoy will go down in history «as President of corruption,» because the party has «crossed all limits». «The citizens of Spain do not deserve to enjoy Breakfast at another news of corruption,» he said. In addition, he criticized the government for failing to dialogue with the Catalan authorities and allow the Catalans to decide the future fate of their region in a referendum.

The Prime Minister called the initiative of the left party «performance». «This is not an attempt to remove the government and just a game. C the first day when you took the initiative, it was clear that she would fail,» said Rajoy.

The Spanish socialist workers party is the largest parliamentary opposition force, as well as the centrist party of «Citizens» before the vote was announced that will not support the initiative Podemos. Voted «Republican Left of Catalonia», Valencia party Cоmpromís, the Basque left party Bildu. European democratic Catalan party and the party «New Canaries» abstained.

Before voting for the entire 40-year history of the new Spanish democracy in the Congress of deputies only tried twice to make a vote of confidence to the head office: in 1980 against Adolfo Suarez, and in 1987 against Felipe Gonzalez. Both times the majority of deputies were against.

In recent years, the courts of Spain deals with hundreds of cases of politicians, most of them members of the popular party. Rajoy on July 26 must give evidence in court as a witness in the case Gurthel — one of the most high-profile corruption cases in Spain in recent years, in the course of the investigation which failed to establish the existence for 18 years in the leadership of the people’s party of Spain «double accounting».