UOC asks the mayor of Kiev to prevent «equality March» of the LGBT community

© Photo : photo provided Infometropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine OnufryUOC asks the mayor of Kiev to prevent «equality March» of the LGBT community© Photo : photo courtesy of XINGFU

The Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onufry appealed to the Kiev authorities urging them to abandon the idea of carrying out in the Ukrainian capital in the «March of equality» of the LGBT community.

Holding the «equality March» the LGBT community is scheduled in Kyiv on June 18. As reported in public organization «Kievprayd», which is the organizer of the March, it is going to take part about 5 thousand persons.

«The organizers of this «March» have no moral right to impose their worldview on others. Our Ukrainian people for centuries lived, observing Christian standards and traditional family values that are the Foundation of a healthy society and strong state. It is therefore clear sharp a General protest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church against such actions», — stated in the message of the Metropolitan published on the website of the UOC-MP.

According to him, the city authorities should «listen to the opinion of the believing community of the capital and to prevent the holding of so-called gay pride parades and similar shameful activities.»

The Primate of the UOC-MP stressed that Christians must «clearly and unequivocally speak out against the propaganda of sin and neglect of Christian virtues» that this «March» is.

«Bless 18 June in all churches and monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church offer prayers to the Lord were not allowed on the Ukrainian land held parades and marches with the aim of promoting a sinful lifestyle, which the Bible warns God’s punishment in this century, and in the future,» concluded the Hierarch.

Ukraine operates the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, which is a self-governing Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, and unrecognized by the world Orthodox Church structures, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC KP) and Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC).