Workers dismantled the fence around the Park «Zaryadye»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich during the construction of the landscape Park Zaryadye in Moscow. Archival photoWorkers dismantled the fence around the Park «Zaryadye»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich

To see how transformed the historic district of Zaryadye, citizens can now — workers dismantled the fence around a newly built Park. The area where once stood the hotel «Russia» was hidden from eyes of Muscovites more than 10 years. This is the website

Ends with the formation of four natural areas of the Park and the construction of some facilities. Among them, the floating bridge, ice cave, media center, glass crust and other. Also, work began on landscaping: for example, it will use innovative paving system, through which the sidewalks will blend into the landscape. Slabs of granite will be interspersed with lawn that will strengthen the special geogrid. It will form a stable structure able to withstand heavy loads. In the «charge» will set the glowing benches and benches made of natural materials. And the summer amphitheatre for two thousand seats will be the largest object in the green zone. His bark covered glass — transparent roof, which will help to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round to grow a variety of plants. It is planned to plant southern plants of the ecosystem of the city of Sochi.

The Park will adorn the two-level promenade. Its lower level will be lowered to the water, and upstairs will be equipped with a pedestrian zone. For the descent to the waterfront will build the broad stairs. Next you will see the entrance to the underground Museum. It will be accessible by foot or Elevator. The main exhibit will be a fragment of the Kitay-Gorod wall, discovered during the excavations. Exhibition hall can accommodate groups of 40 people. Walls and floors are made in black of architectural concrete. Floor will showcase area of 15 square meters where you can see the Foundation walls.

Throughout «the Charge,» there will be fences, so guests could walk on the grass, resting on the slopes and meadow glades, not encountering obstacles in the form of fences and borders. In landscaped areas will be planted more than 600 trees, more than eight thousand shrubs and more than 120 species of flowers, grasses and even berries.

This will open the «charge» to the 870th anniversary of Moscow. The Park will connect the walking and tourist routes, from Varvarka street and Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge to Sparrow hills. Entrance will be free and round-the-clock.