Yaroslavl Prodigy wants to create chemical fuels for rockets

© Photo : from personal archive of the family Raevskaya RajewskiYaroslavl Prodigy wants to create chemical fuels for rockets© Photo : from personal archive of the family Rayevskys

Ilya Raevsky from the Yaroslavl oblast, a year ago complained to Vladimir Putin that can’t go to a camp for gifted children, has since visited «the Sirius», and in «Artek». He also decided to create a chemical fuel for rockets and to open the children’s science center.

Ilya ten years, and he has already moved to the seventh grade. During last year direct line with the President the boy asked why at such a young age it does not take in the camp of «Sirius» and «Artek». Vladimir Putin considered it «a glaring omission», which promised to correct.

The day of the next straight line with the head of state, June 15, Ilya was invited to Ostankino. Before the broadcast began with the President of the boy the whole country will talk about the personal results of last year. Their successes and plans Ilya and his family shared with the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

«Environmental device is a small box that you carry with you. If where you are, good air, it is possible to play and walk, then the light on the device will show green color. If you can play, but little will be yellow. But if the color is red, here to be generally impossible, can be poisoned,» explains Ilya concept of the invention.

According to him, the program for the instrument already written, and the case is assembled halfway.

«So far I haven’t presented it anywhere else. But the invention I’m going to patent», — stressed the boy.

Another idea – the creation of the extruder device which will produce from plastic bottles filament for a 3D printer. The device is currently at the drawing level, but after about a year in Ilya plans to create at least two extruders.

In «SKOLKOVO» — as the house

But the main love of the boy’s chemistry, and with it he intends to connect his life. The other day my mom and Alla Vladimirovna returned from «SKOLKOVO», where they were for the third time. The woman says that the son is determined to enroll in the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology.

«He was there waiting at the age of 14, when he finish school,» says the mother of a child Prodigy.

According to Alla Vladimirovna, in «SKOLKOVO» the boy so much that he feels at home there. And he sees himself there – in a place that serves world-class scientists and where students live as one big family.

«I want to invent a chemical fuel for rockets,» says Ilya.

His mother recalls a funny story. To visit «SKOLKOVO» has chosen for her son. The boy got to meet the academician Alexander Kuleshov.

«Ilya, tie, suit, and he sits in jeans and t-shirt. And suddenly he says: are you here as an bureaucrat here? Ilya blushed, and I thought: God, as a child handle that? Here he is (Kuleshov. – Ed.) relented, called him up, jacket removed, sleeves on the shirt rolled up, tie removed, pocketed the slingshot logo «SKOLKOVO» – that’s better. Says: the main thing is a science, and these costumes – it’s all for the bureaucrats,» — says Alla Vladimirovna.

Now Ilya refuses suit and tie wherever he went. However, to do this it was easy. «To be honest, I suits never really liked them hot,» says the student.

The children’s science center

My family supports me Ilya in all. So the idea to open the children’s science center supported.

«I’m studying in a rural school and cannot talk with my peers about science on an equal footing. Most of them don’t even know what a 3D printer. This gave me the idea to create a center where all children could learn the novelty of science and technology,» says the boy.

Support from the authorities, according to Alla Vladimirovna, the family is not found, and therefore the establishment just recently opened in the premises of the old store with his own money, with the help of volunteers and friends.

In the future it is planned to organize in the center of the free training courses. But so far, there are paid workshops on various subjects such as 3D modeling, robotics, prototyping. The center also has a laboratory for scientific toys and a «soft room», which tested the quadcopter.

«We are entrepreneurs, but not rich, we don’t have a lot of money. In order to open this center, I had to sell something… of Course, we’d like to help us power or just sponsors, like-minded,» says Alla Vladimirovna.

The number of teachers will be Ilya. «I will lead the programming course and am likely to spend with the kids chemical experiments,» he says.

And his mother, who is overjoyed his son’s success and approved in the Ilya there are pedagogical vein.

© Photo : from personal archive of the family Raevskaya RajewskiYaroslavl Prodigy wants to create chemical fuels for rockets© Photo : from personal archive of the family Raevskaya Rajewski