At the Holland Festival will premiere «Octavia. Trepanation»

© Photo : Natalia Cabanbanan Of Uhananov. Archive photoAt the Holland Festival will premiere «Octavia. Trepanation»© Photo : Natalia Cheban

World premiere of the Opera by Russian Director, artistic Director of the Moscow new theatre of Boris Yukhananov’s «Octavia. Trepanation» on June 15 in one of the largest theatre festivals — Holland Festival, said in the theater.

This large-scale performance in the center — literally — is a giant head of Lenin. This is the first experience of co-production Holland Festival and Russian theater. The performance will take place at the site of the Muziekgebouw.

The Holland festival was the initiator and the customer of the project, which is dedicated to the centenary of the 1917 revolution and is based on two texts: an essay by Leon Trotsky about Lenin and fragments the plays of Seneca the Roman Emperor Nero. Mounted on the stage of a giant head of Lenin, a drop-down during «trepanation», the army warriors and the chariot of Nero become objects of representation along with the soloists.

Music composed specifically for the play by Dmitry Courland, is a stretched in time fragments of socialist hymns and speeches of Lenin. The author of scenography became the artist Stepan Lukyanov. Costumes created by the main artist «Electrotheatre Stanislavsky», the owner of the award «the gold Mask» Anastasia Nefedova.

In performance are occupied the Russian and Dutch actors, and a choir specially recruited for this performance.

«We call this work an «Opera-operation» because we reveal the skull of a revolutionary, eliminate his illusions… This Opera is about in what condition today is our world status, which we hope to improve with one surgery, with one Opera,» said in an interview before the premiere of uhananov.

Expected journey «Octavia. Trepanation» cities of the world, which will culminate in the premiere in Moscow on the stage of the Stanislavsky.

In the program of the Holland Festival involved performances of the Directors of world level, including Robert Lepage, Peter Sellars, Ivo van Hove, Dimitris Papaioannou, Alexei Ratmansky.