Authorities in Eastern Libya called on to break the deal for oil with Qatar

© RIA Novosti / Abdulkader to Hadjerat in photosangelina in the vicinity of the amphitheatre in Doha. Archival photoAuthorities in Eastern Libya called on to break the deal for oil with Qatar© RIA Novosti / Abdulkader to Harperite the image Bank

The Libyan interim government, ruling in the East, urged a National oil company (NOC) to break deals with companies associated with Qatar, according to the government website.

As noted in the statement sent to the leadership of the NOC in Tripoli, it is necessary to terminate the contract with the Swiss trader Glencore, in which Qatar has a stake. Under the agreement, the company had exclusive right to export crude oil from two fields through the Libyan port of al-harika.

«Reaffirms the need not to export the oil companies cooperating with Qatar or in which Qatar has a stake, as this state supports terrorism in Libya,» — said in a statement.

The interim government noted that the oil company in Benghazi and others are also urgently notified of the termination of all contracts with Glencore and other companies, which involved the Qatari capital.

«Against those who oppose it will apply the law as it affects the national security of the Libyan state», — said the head of government Abdullah al-Thani.

The Libyan interim government in early June, has joined a number of Arab countries to sever diplomatic relations with Qatar. Opposing the authorities in Tripoli and similar decisions are not accepted.

Glencore is one of the world’s largest traders of commodities including energy, metals and agricultural products. The headquarters of the company located in the Swiss Baar. Its shares are traded on the stock exchanges of London and Hong Kong.

In December 2016, a consortium of Glencore and sovereign wealth Fund of Qatar bought a 19.5% stake in the Russian company «Rosneft».