Cassini got the latest pictures of the «old» Titanium

© NASA / JPL-Caltech/Space Science InstituteФотография clouds and lakes on Titan’s surfaceCassini got the latest pictures of the «old» Titanium© NASA / JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

The probe «Cassini» received the latest pictures of summer on the Northern hemisphere of Titan, capturing the bright white clouds in the atmosphere of the most «earth-like» moon of Saturn and shiny dark lakes of hydrocarbons on its pole, according to NASA.

At the moment Titan is the only known in the Solar system, besides Earth, a celestial body with water features on the planet’s surface. Over 12 years of experience in the orbit of Saturn, the NASA probe Cassini and the descent module «Huygens» has found dozens of lakes, rivers, and even seas on Titan, and also opened a mysterious temporary Islands, periodically disappearing and emerging on the surface of the seas.

The exact chemical composition of these lakes, presumably filled with hydrocarbons, remained a mystery until last year, when scientists first assessed the contents of Legei, the largest sea of Titan, using radar Cassini. His «water» appeared to consist entirely of methane, the bottom is covered with exotic mucus from the nitrogen compounds and the edges represent a hydrocarbon of the marsh.

The summer solstice on Saturn and the coming of summer at the North pole of Titan, where are these bodies of water, allowed Cassini to get a new batch of high-quality images of the surface of this moon of a giant planet.

Using special filters to «screen out» the visible and the infrared hydrocarbon haze in Titan’s atmosphere, preventing the observation of its surface, scientists were able to photograph not only of the lake on his pole, but white methane clouds in its atmosphere.

These photos were received on June 12, at the time of closest approach of Cassini with Titan when the probe was at a distance of approximately 500 thousand kilometers from the moon of Saturn. Study them, as scientists hope, will help us to understand what brings the Titan of Earth and Mars and how the climate and weather of this major member of the retinue of Lord of the rings.