Expert: operation in which a girl died, not a plastic

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Operation, in which died a young girl in Moscow, does not apply to plastic, said RIA Novosti President of the Russian public associations «Russian society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons» Konstantin Lipsky.

Previously senior assistant to the head of a capital Central Board SK Yulia Ivanova said that on June 13 at a private hospital on Michurinsk the prospectus took plastic surgery to eliminate the consequences of prenatal injuries to the face 17-year-old girl. During the procedure, the patient died on the operating table. Investigators opened a criminal case on the provision of services not meeting safety requirements. Roszdravnadzor also checks for this fact.

Speaking about the nature of the operation, Lipsky noted that «such operations usually does not a plastic surgeon, they usually do oral and maxillofacial surgeons». «If the clinic has a license for oral surgery, it is necessary to start with this, but this operation has nothing to do with plastic surgery as such,» he added.

According to him, the statistics of deaths during operations shows that in Moscow «it happens quite regularly». «They were accidents, and various causes are for this. There are allergic reactions… of course, there are the introduction and withdrawal of narcosis such cases,» said Lipsky.

Expert: operation in which a girl died, not a plastic© RIA Novosti, Infografica clinic plastic surgery: what you should pay attention