Japan passed a law against terrorist attacks

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Amendments to the law on the punishment of organized crime, known in society as the «law on the preparation of terrorist acts» were adopted by a majority of votes at the session of the upper house of the Japanese Parliament despite the opposition of the opposition. The voting was broadcast live.

The liberal part of society and the opposition considered these changes in legislation is dangerous as there is a risk of abuse in their application.

In addition, the amendments fundamentally change the approach to punishment: if now punishes only the crime, after the adoption of the law of criminal responsibility will come for its preparation. A lot of criticism and protests have caused the amendment agreement.

Now if a group of two people or more at least one person went to the scene and tried to raise money for him, then criminal responsibility for all members of the group present during the discussion of these plans.

The opposition tried to prolong the debate, putting forward obviously doomed to failure the project of no confidence in the government. The project was rejected, as in the upper and lower houses of the majority belongs to the ruling coalition. After that, the ruling coalition reduced the procedure of discussion of the amendments and, instead of having it on the debate in the Committee on legislation made at once for the consideration of the upper chamber, which also caused an outcry of opposition.

Thus, the discussion began at 5 a.m. (23:00 GMT Wednesday) and ended with the adoption of a law by a majority of votes for almost four hours. All night the Parliament was a protest against the adoption of the amendments as undemocratic and undermining the foundations of modern Japanese law in terms of punishment for crimes.