Navigation on the Moscow railway stations will be translated into English

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in fotopakismo station. Archival photoNavigation on the Moscow railway stations will be translated into English© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

Audio ad on all nine railway stations in Moscow have started to duplicate in the English language, is spoken in the message on the portal of city hall.

«For tourists transferred information about the schedule of the international and intercity trains. Also in two languages, announce safety rules, misleading information about the services that are on the stations», — stated in the materials.

All ads that sound at the Moscow railway stations, written in the same style. As the message in the Russian language, they are declared a female voice. But information about the schedule speaker is not reporting live. For announcements of routes at stations use pre-recorded into English of individual words and phrases. The proposal builds automated system. She picks up words depending on the route of the train and, for example, to the platform and the way it arrives, the report said.

The first station, which is «talking» in English, began Kazansky, Leningradsky and Kursky. Now a single standard for voice ads is valid at all nine stations (in addition to the above, the Yaroslavl, Kiev, Belarus, Paveletsky, Rizhsky and Savyolovsky). A single standard audio announcements were also developed for the Moscow metro. All 12 lines to announce station names in English began at the end of April. Ads in «the Swallows» at the Moscow Central ring (MCK) is also duplicated in English, according to the materials.

Audioinformation two languages are introduced in suburban trains. Announcement in Russian and English are almost 30 trains. Among them are the Express trains that ply on the Kazan, Kiev, Gorky, Yaroslavl and Kursk directions, as well as part of the normal trains on the Riga direction (where the station Tushino — the closest to the stadium «Spartak»). Passengers transferred all the trains sounding in the message, including the names of the stations, information on the need to follow safety rules and be in possession of a travel document, banning Smoking in trains and on the peculiarities of subscription tickets. Also, tourists will tell you which stations the commuter train they can transfer to the ICC, and will alert you to any stops necessary to carefully descend to a lower platform, to be confirmed in the materials.

Audio ads in two languages will sound commuter trains only during the matches of the confederations Cup. It is assumed that a voice message in English back in trains to the beginning of the world Cup in 2018, the report said.