On Sakhalin, the child received burns during surgery in hospital

© Fotolia / spotmatikphotoБольница. Archival photoOn Sakhalin, the child received burns during surgery in hospital© Fotolia / spotmatikphoto

Three-year-old child received burns during an operation in the Sakhalin regional hospital, the press service of the Ministry of health of the region.

The incident occurred during the coagulation of blood vessels. According to preliminary information, during the operation, the spark came on the cloth, which was wrapped around the roller, the fixing of the child.

The health Ministry noted that the doctor who carried out the operation, immediately tried to extinguish the fire. However, the child still managed to get burned in the form of a thin strip of several centimeters.

«An operation was completed, the child is in stable condition and under medical supervision. Threats to a child’s life is not» — said the health Ministry.

The incident was reported to the Prosecutor’s office in the Sakhalin region. To the place directed the Commission of the Ministry.