Onf in Khabarovsk said about the new oil dumping in the Amur

© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Recouperate in fotobanka Cupid. Archival photoOnf in Khabarovsk said about the new oil dumping in the Amur© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Recouperate the image Bank

Environmentalists Khabarovsk branch of the Russian popular front (onf) confirm new oil dumping in the Amur river via storm sewer in Khabarovsk, said on Thursday onf.

In March of this year, the activists of the popular front found oil pollution of the banks of the Amur river in the area of TPP-2 for Pacific street in Khabarovsk. The spot size was about 400 square meters on the shore and more than 100 square meters in the waters of the Amur river. SU IC of Russia in the Khabarovsk region made a tour of inspection of the contaminated area and the drain manifold, located in the river Khurcha-Murcia (which flows into the Amur). Upon contamination with oil products was initiated a criminal case under article «violation of rules of handling environmentally dangerous substances.»

«Environmentalists of the popular front, a fact confirmed by oil dumping into the Amur through the storm collector Khurcha-Murcia in the area of TPP-2 in Khabarovsk… the Total length of the contamination is more than 10 kilometers», — is spoken in the message.

According to the onf, the inhabitants of the city a new spot watch from 10 June. A group of activists went to the place of contamination.

«We are convinced that from the collector into the Amur receives petroleum products. Most likely, the culprit rains all week marching in Khabarovsk. In this area there are signs of infiltration of water sweep away and unknown petroleum products from soil that may accumulate in underground aquifers for decades and now coming to the surface. However, the main source of receipt of oil products in the Amur river are that the water from the storm manifold,» — are reported words of the coordinator of the project «General cleaning onf/Card Dumps» in the Khabarovsk region Vladimir Sidorov.

It is noted that since March this year, onf monthly captures similar facts reset, but still the criminals have not been established. The address of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Khabarovsk territory and territorial administration Rosprirodnadzora on DFO sent letters with the request to understand what happened and to provide legal assessment.