Opera and races: things to do in Kazan during the confederations Cup

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The capital of Tatarstan is Kazan, which is from 18 to 28 June will take four matches of the confederations Cup in football, is ready to offer fans and tourists are not only spectacular competitions: the guests of the Republic will find plenty of tourist facilities and cultural events for every taste, age and the level of adrenaline.

The confederations Cup will be held from 17 June to 2 July in Kazan, Sochi, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The Russian team will play in group A where their opponents are team New Zealand, Mexico and Portugal. In Kazan on June 18 will play the teams of Portugal and Mexico, 22 June — Germany and Chile, 24 June — Mexico and Russia, and on June 28 will host a semifinal match.

1001 fun for tourists and fans

As the Chairman of the state Committee of Tatarstan on tourism Sergey Ivanov, guests of the Republic, which in the days of the Cup it is planned to make 150 to 200 thousand, will find plenty of tourist sites for every taste, age and the level of adrenaline.

«Especially to the confederations Cup in conjunction with the tourism development Centre of the Republic of Tatarstan in accordance with the previously developed travel brand has released an interesting guide called «Official tourist guide Vizit Tatarstan. Tatarstan: 1001 fun». Here are all the «fun» that can get a guest, a tourist, who arrived in Tatarstan», — said Ivanov.

According to him, the guide, containing background information on the main tourist objects of the Republic, hotels, tourist centers and agencies, routes, theatres, museums, churches and mosques, sports facilities, restaurants and cafes, published in five languages: English, Spanish, German, Chinese. «We conducted an analysis of tourist flow and information about which teams will come to us. These are the most popular languages, we are closing thus about 70% of the entire world, understand that they will be most in demand,» — said the head of the state tourism Committee in Tatarstan Republic.

Ivanov noted that the travel guide contains information on a large number of objects, each of which is interesting in its own way: such tourist gems as Kazan Kremlin, Ostrov-grad Sviyazhsk, Bolgar the great, nightlife, camel farm, «Fishing villages» farm «Tatar ostrich», kite club, hydrous Wake Park. «Collected a huge number of objects for any taste, any age, any group of interests. I believe that Tatarstan is interested in everything», — he stressed.

On the eve of the confederations Cup and in the days of the meeting, first of all, increase the work of the excursion center of Kazan. «Intensive work will be organized in the tour center to all the tourists could visit the places that are held on a regular basis is the tour of Kazan, Bolgar, Sviyazhsk, Elabuga, Chistopol», — said Ivanov.

For example, in Kazan it is possible to take a sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to the UNESCO world heritage site Kazan Kremlin, where majestically and harmoniously Annunciation Cathedral and the Kul Sharif mosque. You can walk along the main tourist artery of the capital of Tatarstan — pedestrian Bauman street — the fountains, the wish-fulfilling carriage of Catherine II, monument to Feodor Chaliapin. Or through the pedestrian streets of the Old Tatar settlement with its unique houses national Tatar architecture.

You can also visit the Kazan mother of God monastery, where were found the Kazan icon of the mother of God, and is now kept one of her famous lists, handed over to Russia by the Vatican in 2004; to see the Holy assumption Zilantov convent or St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, built in the Russian Baroque style; visit the observation deck of «Grand hotel «Kazan» or of the family center «Kazan» (Bowl); climb the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral, with a wonderful view on the Central historical part of the city. You can visit the author’s excursions «Sharm estates of Kazan», «Kazan five senses», «Kazan with taste of coffee», «Pot of flavors» and other.

A favorite venue for visitors and residents of Kazan in recent years, the Kremlin embankment, where you can stroll, dine, relax on the comfortable benches and couches, but also to rent a velomobile, roller skates, scooter, or read at a street library. On the waterfront on the opposite Bank of the Kazanka river, you can rent boats and catamarans, to admire the city from the surface of the river. For national colors, you can go to the complex «Tugan avylym» («Native village») with timbered houses and a pond, workshop, guest house with bathhouse, where visitors will also be treated to theatrical folk show Kazan national dinner.

To see many of these attractions you can also go for a sightseeing tour on a double-Decker bus. The route has 10 stops, the ticket is valid all day (you can purchase a ticket for two days), so at any of the stops to linger, to visit the interested object and then have to go down the route for the next bus. Excursions are organized in eight languages. By the way, the journalists in the presentation of the certificate can count on a free guided tour on double-Decker red bus.

Traditionally waits for guests of the former capital of Volga Bulgaria — the ancient city of Bolgar, which is the northernmost medieval monument of Islamic architecture, the only example of Bulgar-Tatar architecture of the middle XIII-XIV centuries and the site of the voluntary adoption of Islam in Russia, it also contains the world’s largest printed Koran weighing 500 kilograms. Pushkin fabulous island of Buyan appears before the tourists in the island town of Sviyazhsk, located at the confluence of the Volga and Sviyaga rivers, where the settlement was founded in may 1551 by Ivan the Terrible as an Outpost of Russian troops for the capture of Kazan, to the present time preserved in 18 of the monuments of historical heritage of Federal and national importance of the XVI-XIX centuries, are of special value are the unique wooden Trinity Church, built in 1551 for one day, the complex of buildings of Uspensky Bogoroditsky man’s monastery with unique frescos and St. John the Baptist monastery.

The great Bulgarians have prepared an interactive site «Bulgarian village» and «Bulgarian independence», where you can take part in medieval heroic relays. The island town of Sviyazhsk offers interactive programs on the site, «Lazy Torzhok» new master class «an Ancient craft «Taps» is a decoration fabric with stamps handmade».

A special atmosphere reigns in the Raifa mother of God monastery is the largest existing monastery of the Archdiocese of Tatarstan, which is a famous centre of pilgrimage. Interesting surprises await those who will go to the old merchant town of Tetyushi, where in 1921 was caught by a giant Beluga weighing 960 kilograms, cozy country city of Chistopol with delicate architecture and memorial Museum of Boris Pasternak, the millennial Elabuga with famous legends Bloody Fort, a former stronghold of the Bulgars, and the house-Museum of artist Ivan Shishkin, the Museum-estate the cavalry maiden Hope Durov house and the memory of the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva, where she spent the last few days.

Lovers of the water element can take a dip in the crystal-clear Blue lake near Kazan, the temperature year round is about 4 degrees and that attracts walrus and divers from different regions.

«We have prepared a few sentences for football fans can be such a little «crazy»offers. This, for example, a visit to the complex of trap shooting «Sviyaga», KazanRing racing, skydiving and so on. That is for people who are used to fuel your body and your brain with adrenaline, we offer more extreme types of rest», — said the head of the state tourism Committee in Tatarstan Republic.

Thus Ivanov has underlined that such excursions with recreational activities will be conducted for individual orders, at the request of tourists, align their needs with the tourist information center of Kazan. «The fan can either take separately, some kind of block, or you can plan a route across multiple objects for the whole day, for example: bathing in the Blue lake, rifle shooting «Sviyaga», the race car at the KazanRing» he said.

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Museums and theatres

Museums in Kazan in the days of the confederations Cup will work as routine. For example, in the center «Hermitage-Kazan» on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin an exhibition «the Genius of the century», which presents masterpieces of the Tretyakov gallery and the State Museum of fine arts of Tatarstan. On the territory of the Kremlin are open six more museums on different subjects — natural history of Tatarstan, the Islamic culture, the Museum Gun yard and others.

Opera and races: things to do in Kazan during the confederations Cup© Nina to Sociability in fotobanka preparing for the confederations Cup: «Swallows», the Cossacks and the lessons englishonly Museum of Tatarstan is the largest regional Museum Fund of Russia, with more than 910 thousand units. In the State Museum of fine arts of Tatarstan has a collection of icons of XVI century, the works of European engraving XV-XVII centuries, and Russian painting of XVIII-XIX centuries, monographic collection of works by Ivan Shishkin, a collection of Russian avant-garde of the early twentieth century. Exhibition and entertainment complex «panorama City» with the help of modern digital technology and detailed layouts of Kazan clearly tells the history of the 1000 year old city. The Museum of socialist life, you can make an excursion into the recent Soviet past, with clothes, household items, toys that can be touched by hands.

As reported in the Ministry of culture of Tatarstan, in the theatres of Kazan in the days of the confederations Cup will go traditional and specially organized events. So, in Tatar academic state theatre of Opera and ballet named after Musa Jalil on June 19 launched the international music festival Kazan Classic Fest, which will be presented the Opera «Aida» and «Il Trovatore» by Verdi, «Eugene Onegin» by Tchaikovsky, ballets «Swan lake» by Tchaikovsky, «don Quixote», music by Minkus. In the State big concert hall named after Salih Saidashev will be concerts of the State Symphony orchestra of Tatarstan, State chamber choir of Tatarstan Republic. The Kremlin will host a concert of sacred music festival «Music of faith».

Fans with children can treat them to a visit to the children’s performances at the Tatar state theatre «Ekiyat» («Tale»), visit the children’s city of professions, Kid Space, the aquarium or the Dolphinarium, the planetarium of Kazan Federal University.

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