Pamfilova said that CEC will ensure transparency in the presidential elections

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in photobanks the building of the Central election Commission (CEC) of Russia. Archival photoPamfilova said that CEC will ensure transparency in the presidential elections© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova has told how her Department plans to ensure transparency of the upcoming 2018 election of the President.

«Video cameras will be on areas that cover 85-90% of the population. First we put the camcorder in the territorial election commissions, this has never happened – this is where you will input the protocols in system gas «Elections», there will be observers,» — said Pamfilova in interview to TV channel «Rain».

She said that now introduces a new technology of using machine-readable code (QR code) on the protocols on voting results.

«Night of the counting of votes will be under the cameras. And for cameras will be the work of the territorial commissions, when they will collect the protocols. It will be absolutely transparent, it will be streamed on the Internet. We now insist that was such plasma, when the media could follow», — said the CEC head.

Pamfilova said that the media, who were accredited for the elections, will be able to follow the voting and counting of votes as well as the observers.

As reported earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Central electoral Commission Nikolay Bulaev, the CEC expects that in the framework of the organization of video surveillance of presidential elections 2018 in the capitals of all the regions will be created «dolls» — a public watchdog by the example of those who acted in Moscow and the Moscow region in last year’s elections.