Putin called for the transfer of Isaac and did not argue about the «Matilda»

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Russian President Vladimir Putin during a straight line said on a number of topical issues relating to the cultural sphere. In particular, the Russian head of state urged not to speculate on the topic of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and assured that no one is trying to ban the film «Matilda» by Alexei Uchitel, concerning the history of the Royal family.

Putin on the transfer of Isaac: no need to speculate

The situation around St. Isaac’s Cathedral caused a public outcry when the authorities of St. Petersburg decided to transfer the Cathedral for 49 years, the Russian Orthodox Church in the free use with preserving the Museum and educational functions. Remains and legal status of the object — its owner is the city. The public is concerned about the fate of Isaac, despite the statement of representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Museum functions will be expanded, and the entrance to the Cathedral will be free.

«We need to depoliticize this issue, forget that it exists as such, with respect and religious feelings of the people, and not to forget that the building was built as a Church, not as a Museum. But the Museum’s function there is, of course, needs to be maintained,» Putin said during a straight line.

According to him, to build such a work is not that difficult.

«Only don’t need to cheat here, and do not need to speculate on the subject, people need to initiate and use this as a tool some minor political fuss,» — said the President.

According to Putin, the contradictions on the issue of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church can be resolved with the Museum, and religious activities of the Cathedral, for example, as in the Vatican.

«There are some contradictions, but we can easily, in my opinion, will emerge from these contradictions, providing and Museum activities, and religious practices. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but such decisions, they are there in the world. For example, the same Vatican,» — said Putin.

However, he reminded that St. Isaac’s Cathedral belonged to the state and not owned by the Church.

«The king-father was the head of the Church, and in this sense we can say that he (the Cathedral) and the Church partly belong. But it was built as a temple, it was built as a Church, not a Museum for religious worship, to the people there prayed» — said Putin.
Putin about «Matilda»: no one is trying to septette

During the annual direct line of the famous Russian actor Sergei Bezrukov, referring to the President, raised a question about the movie «Matilda» and asked why trying to ban a painting, which no one has ever seen. On the question of the actor, Putin replied that the picture no one is trying to ban. The head of state noted that he would not want to join in the unfolding of the film dispute between the state Duma Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya and Director Alexei Uchitel.

«Sir — we know him personally. I respect him as a person and patriotically-minded, as far as I know his views, and the person doing talented things. I would not want to join his dispute with the Deputy of the State Duma Polonskaya. She also has the right to their point of view,» Putin said.

«You said you’re trying to stop. No one is trying to ban. She (Polonskaya — ed.) is the position it tries the position to defend, appeals to various authorities, but no decision of any forbidden about it, as you know, no,» he said.

The head of state noted that in respect of the Royal family was before a lot of movies, and even more stringent than the new painting Teacher.

«Our country is large, complex, many people with different views, with different perspectives, different assessments. In regard to the Royal family, we know there were a lot of movies in the old days. Somehow this affected the Royal family, Rasputin and so on, there are a lot of things. In my opinion, more stringent than what did your neighbor on the right (the film’s Director, Alexey Uchitel — ed.)…», — Putin said.

The movie «Matilda» about the fate of the ballerina Matilda Kschessinska, and fell in love with the crown Prince, the future Emperor Nicholas II. Starring Mikhalina Olshansky from Poland, Nicholas II — German actor Lars Eidinger.

Earlier media reported that representatives of the public movement «the Royal cross» called the film «Matilda» «anti-Russian and anti-religious provocation in the field of culture». The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya at their request sent a request to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika asking to check the picture. Later, Poklonskaya said that he had received the answer of the experts on the movie «Matilda» and sent them a negative rating to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. Poklonskaya told that at her request, experts and scholars made a comprehensive examination of the materials of the film, exploring all the available trailers and the full text of the script, which was submitted by the authors in the Ministry of culture to receive government funding. According to the Deputy, the Commission concludes that «Matilda» image doesn’t match the image of the Russian Orthodox Church canonized the Emperor Nicholas II.