Putin has promised to consider changes to environmental laws

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Russian President Vladimir Putin promised residents of the island of Olkhon on lake Baikal to consider amendments to applicable environmental laws.

One of the residents of the island told the President during a «straight line» on the problems with the roads, or rather the actual lack of that, since it technically impossible to build them as «the law on the island it is impossible to make a career.» A resident complained on the quality of drinking water on the island, the absence of its filtering and strong restrictions for proper use of forest and fields, including range livestock.

«We need to amend the existing rules and the existing laws, which would allow coherent with environmental organizations and economic activity, providing a normal, civilized livelihoods of people living in these areas. You will need to amend these laws, I said to myself, together with you’ll work. I repeat, together with environmental organizations, which should ensure that we are here not overdone,» said Putin.

He added that although, according to a resident of the island, ecological norms and requirements in the law are too tightened, but these areas and more surely protected by international obligations of Russia, but «everything should be within reasonable.» «Here is the water conservation area, about which you say, it must meet not only the status and value of lake Baikal, it must meet the and needs of people who already live there. You can’t force people to carry water in buckets and cans for a few kilometers, and the water quality must be provided, roads need to be done,» — said the head of state.

Khuzhir village is located on the territory of Olkhon — the largest and only inhabited island on lake Baikal. Most of the island is located in a protected natural area on the territory of Baikal national Park. The village is a dirt road where a lot of holes. Because of this, motorists often ride in the wilderness, it destroys the ecosystem of the island.

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