Putin: no digital economy the country has no future

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he digital economy is not sick, but the country has no future without it.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov announced in early June at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, Putin «fully sick» digital economy and technologies, even holds meetings on this subject until late at night.

«I am healthy», — said Putin to the question «straight line», was asked whether it was true that the President is literally sick of the digital economy.

«But for the digital economy, a digital economy we will not be able to move on to the next technological way, and without this transition to a new technological structure in Russian economy and therefore the country has no future. Therefore, it is the number one task in the economic sphere we have to solve,» — said Putin.

He stressed that Russia still remained a very good math school, is actively developing programming. «It is only necessary to provide a market for our programmers and a lot of technological resources. We will be able to do it,» the President added.

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