Putin said that prevent the issuance of the «far Eastern hectare»

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the annual Direct line. 15 June 2017Putin said that prevent the issuance of the «far Eastern hectare»© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

The results of the «far Eastern hectare» is hampered by the lack of inventory and large areas of institutional land, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a straight line.

Question about «far hectare» asked Ivan Durkin from Vladivostok, who complained of long check site on the website, and that after February, he gave the contract for a hectare of land in the Committee, he has still not received an answer from there.

«The main problem is that there is no normal inventory first. Secondly, a lot of departmental land: and the defense Ministry and Academy of Sciences, and everything to do with the environment. In one paper, and really different,» Putin said.

According to him, the applicant was issued with the inventory number, and then when the audit revealed discrepancies.

«We need to settle with all sorts of agencies these discrepancies. I will also try to work out and try to help colleagues, the governors of these issues to harmonize in such a way that manifestation is like Your. I’m sure You have your hectare will receive and I want to wish You good luck,» added the President.

The President noted that overall, the program «far Eastern hectare» is good, but difficult in Primorsky Krai.

«Of the 92 thousand applications 27 thousand satisfied, that is, more than a third. This is the first. Second – if the average land in the European part is, sadly, to three years in the far East, referring to the hectare two months», – said Putin.

The program «far Eastern hectare» provides the right of every Russian citizen to receive a land plot with an area of one hectare in the far East for free. From 1 June 2016, the program entered the action to the far East, and from February 1, 2017, for all Russian citizens. In the first year, the applicant must determine the type of use of the site, three years — to declare the development. After 5 years of uncompensated use of land to obtain ownership or long-term lease. For the period of the program, received about 93 thousand applications, almost 20 thousand plots of land have already been transferred for use.

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