Putin suggested that the Komi Republic political asylum in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the annual Direct line. 15 June 2017Putin suggested that the Komi Republic political asylum in Russia© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

Russia is ready to grant asylum to the former head of the FBI James Komi, if it will pursue in the United States in connection with the transfer of data on the conversations with the US President, said Vladimir Putin.

«Suddenly he said that he recorded the conversation with the President (of the USA Donald trump), and then through his friend, gave this talk in the media. Well, that sounds very strange. When the head of the intelligence services record the conversation with the Supreme commander, and then another, through his friend, reports in the media,» — said Putin during a «straight line».

According to the head of the state, thereby Komi Republic is no different from Edward Snowden.

«Then he is not the head of the secret service, and he is the advocate who defends a certain position. By the way, if in this regard against any prosecution will occur, we and he (Komi) is ready to provide political asylum in Russia. He must know about it,» added the President.

He stressed that Komi testimony, gave no evidence of Moscow’s interference in U.S. elections.

On Thursday, former FBI Director, which the American President was removed from his post on 9 may, spoke to the Senate foreign Affairs Committee. This was his first public appearance after resignation.