Russian scientists have determined the principle of laser treatment of varicose veins

© AP Photo / Daniel Mayersville. Archival photoRussian scientists have determined the principle of laser treatment of varicose veins© AP Photo / Daniel Maurer

Russian scientists have established the principle of laser treatment of varicose veins, which can simplify and reduce the cost of this medical technology, according to the far Eastern Federal University.

«Boiling blood from the use of laser radiation is the main factor in the successful treatment of varicose veins in humans. To such conclusion the group of researchers with the participation of the associate Professor of the School of Biomedicine FEFU Artem Kiselev. According to scientists, the further study of this process will help to simplify medical technology and make it cheaper for the population», — stated in the message.

According to Kiselyov, the varicose veins are treated with laser for about 20 years, but the physical principle of this method until the end was not clear. «Our research has shown that the endothelium is damaged due to temperature effect on the blood. Boiling blood creates three-dimensional hot jet, because of which the wall of the vein starts to close,» — said the scientist.

Now most phlebologists use special equipment which processes the vein laser with a circular optical waveguide. If further studies confirm the conclusions of scientists, then this procedure will use the more simple and cheap mechanical light guides.

The work also involved scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences — members of the Institute of photonic technology (Moscow), Institute of problems of chemical physics (Chernogolovka), the Pacific Oceanological Institute (Vladivostok) and other research organizations.