South Korea conducts exercises in disputed Japan Islands

© 2017 AFP / Kim Jae-Hwan military personnel in South Korea. Archival photoSouth Korea conducts exercises in disputed Japan Islands© 2017 AFP / Kim Jae-Hwan

South Korea began exercises on the Islands of Dokdo (Japanese name Takeshima), which are claimed by Japan, said the Agency Kyodo.

During the exercises planned landing on the Islands of the Marines. The exercise involved seven ships, and four military aircraft. Such exercises, which work «the reflection of capture of the Islands by external forces», held on average every six months, however, if elected in may, President mun Jae-Ine they performed for the first time.

The military exercises on the Islands, which Japan considers its administrative and includes them in the Shimane Prefecture, to develop objectives, clearly hinting at the possibility of some action on the part of Japan, always cause dissatisfaction of Tokyo.

Japan after the Second world war claim a group of small Islands, Dokdo (Japanese name Takeshima) in the Western part of the sea of Japan, which are under the sovereignty of South Korea. The island is also known as rocks the Fizz. Japan offers Korea to bring the issue about the Islands before the International court of justice. South Korea believes that the dispute around Dokdo not because they are Korean territory historically, geographically and legally.