U.S. authorities have «signed the death warrant» of Christians from Iraq

© AFP 2017 / Odd AndersenИракская girl on the streets of Basra occupied by British troops. 4 Aug 2003U.S. authorities have «signed the death warrant» of Christians from Iraq© 2017 AFP / Odd Andersen

The U.S. immigration service arrested more than two hundred refugees from Iraq, many of whom are Christians, they face deportation to their homeland, said on Thursday The Guardian.

The anti-immigration raids, according to the newspaper, are held throughout the country. The lawyers of the arrested Iraqis called it «a death sentence» Christian refugees from Iraq.

«One hundred and fourteen people were arrested in Detroit. Most of them are members of the Chaldean minority in Iraq, which, like other Christian groups, were exposed to persecution by the «Islamic state» and other groups,» notes The Guardian.

Among those arrested were a 55-year-old Najah Konya living in the United States since 1977. He also faces deportation to Iraq, although he, according to his brother Steve Konya, don’t know Arabic and don’t have any relatives.

«What’s he going to do there? In fact, they sentence him to death. … The government of Iraq can’t protect its citizens, not to mention the handful of Christians from the United States,» said Konya.

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