Actor from the «Harry Potter» died on 102-m to year of life

© AP Photo / Jonathan ShortМодель of Hogwarts castle from the movies about Harry PotterActor from the «Harry Potter» died on 102-m to year of life© AP Photo / Jonathan Short

In the UK, on 102-m to year of life died one of the oldest actors in the world Sam Beasley, known to audiences for his role as Professor Everard in the movie «Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix». This writes the newspaper the Daily Mirror.

Artistic Beasley’s career started in 30-ies of the last century. He performed several roles in major theatrical productions, but after the Second world war decided to leave the scene and opened her own antique shop.

At the age of 75 years, Beasley made his debut in the cinema. The actor starred in the films «doctor Zhivago», «Bridget Jones: the edge of reason» and the film adaptation of the Jane Austen novel «Pride and prejudice».

In the fifth film about Harry Potter Beasley played the former Director of Hogwarts, Edward Everard. His «living portraits» can be seen in Dumbledore’s office and the Ministry of magic.