Alexei Batalov: the chosen one of God and men, the standard of nobility and taste

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photobunny actor of the USSR Alexey Batalov. Archival photoAlexei Batalov: the chosen one of God and men, the standard of nobility and taste© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

Actor Alexey Batalov remembered by millions of viewers on the role of the mechanic Georgy Ivanovich, simply goshi, from Oscar-winning film Vladimir Menshov «Moscow does not believe in tears». Entrenched behind the status of a sex symbol of the 80s, but the artist himself was too modest to take this seriously. Folk and native Batalov, peacefully passed away at the age of 88 years.

Life Batalov wanted to art: in the capital, and in the distant a tiny Bugulma, where he was evacuated with his mother during the war and in the army. It seemed that his fate is inextricably linked with the theatre but in the mid-50s, the actor took a major decision in his career and went to the movies. It was the cinema, brought him incredible fame. «Big family», «the cranes are Flying», «the lady with the dog» and finally, «Moscow does not believe in tears» — every movie with Batalov became the undisputed masterpiece. However, the actor never chased amount, only the quality, but because over the years he rarely appeared on the big screen: impeccable instincts would not allow him to appear in other paintings.

«When the movies come out, I thank God for what refused. The role that are good — different than they look on the screen. It’s you and next to you stands for something, it makes you dirty. Working with Helpitem or Romm, I am well aware of what we are talking about. I knew that we were working not out of fear but out of conscience, and it makes sense to spend your life on it. But is it worth getting in this boat with random, unnecessary to you people?» — so he explained his choice.

Farewell to the actor will pass in the cinema House on June 19, and he will be buried at the Transfiguration cemetery, as it was mentioned in the will of the artist.

The news of the death of Alexei Batalov Russian cultural figures perceived as a personal loss, remembering him as a man of extraordinary intelligence, kindness, intelligence and talent. The famous Russian film Director Vladimir Naumov, Director of the picture, «Running», in which Batalov played a major role, admitted that he still cannot believe what happened. Along with Batalov they were planning a new painting.

«Departed this life astounding in all respects. He was extremely kind, which is really rare today. Now no friends, and there friends are temporary. Alexei Batalov was a constant, faithful friend. He was honest, with an inner nobility and an extraordinary talent of people», — said Naumov in conversation with RIA Novosti.

He called a great actor Batalov, the replacement of which is impossible to find. «Whether it filled that void that was formed after the departure of this quiet, clean, decent and extraordinarily talented man?» asked the Director and added that it is impossible to explain the greatness of the talent Batalov.

«Batalov should be able to look to get accustomed to the movements of his hands, to the expression of the eyes,» said the Director.

The adviser of RF President on culture Vladimir Tolstoy said Batalova noble attitude to life and the people around him.

«Man, he was absolutely amazing — not only as an actor. He was one of the last real Russian intellectuals,» said Tolstoy. According to him, the Director, has suffered «a noble attitude to life» in their work and in the learning process of students VGIK, and in his relationships with people.

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky called death Batalov irreplaceable loss for Russian culture. He stressed that the role of the actor was included in the Golden Fund of Russian cinema.

«Alexey Vladimirovich lived a long and interesting life, brought up not one generation of talented artists, he was loved and adored, but he was a man of surprisingly modest, intelligent and never boasted of his incredible popularity. This amazing inner spiritual purity have made him really popular and dear to millions of our compatriots», — said Medina.