An unusual «treasure» found in the Sophia of Kyiv

© Photo : photo of the National reserve «Sophia of Kyiv» in FacebookЗаписка left by students in the frame of the icon Nikola Wet in the Sophia of Kyiv in 1946An unusual «treasure» found in the Sophia of Kyiv© Photo : photo of the National reserve «Sophia of Kyiv» in Facebook

Employees of the reserve «Sophia of Kyiv» during the restoration of the frame (frame of the icon) found a note 71-year-old, left by students, said on Thursday the official website of the Museum in Facebook.

«Note dated 16.VI. 1946 and was hidden inside the kiot students of the faculty of history, who wished thus to Express my admiration for millennial attraction. The names of the girls who made history — Shapoval Nadezhda Yakovlevna and Arts Anna Popovich, a student of the Kiev pedagogical Institute (now national pedagogical University named after M. P. Dragomanov)», — stated in the message.

A letter to the girls found in the case, in which the icon was kept «Wet Nikola» (Saint Nicholas), which is considered miraculous by believers. The image was taken out of Ukraine during the Second world war.

In may at the Kyiv-Pechersk Museum in Kiev has discovered two ancient Egyptian mummies and painted Egyptian sarcophagi. As it turned out, for several decades they were Ukrainian in the repository.