Appointed as the new Director of the Museum «St. Isaac’s Cathedral»

© Photo : Museums Rossiello V. Mudrov. Archive photoAppointed as the new Director of the Museum «St. Isaac’s Cathedral»© Photo : Museums of Russia

The Director of the State Museum-monument «St. Isaac’s Cathedral» was appointed Yuri Mudrov, the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg.

To work as the new Director of the wise will start from June 15.

Nikolai Burov, the former head of the Museum — has left his post on the first of June, after which Irada, Vovnenko, to hold the position of Deputy Director of the Museum of public relations, was appointed acting Director.

Wise began working in the field of culture of Saint-Petersburg since 1982. In different time periods he was a leader in the Pavlovsk Museum-reserve, Peterhof Museum-reserve «Oranienbaum», Saint-Petersburg Fund of culture, State Museum of history of religion and other cultural institutions of the city.

Previously, the government of St. Petersburg passed the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church for 49 years in gratuitous use of preserving the Museum and educational functions, which caused a public outcry, as the society is concerned about the future of the Museum, despite statements by the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Museum functions will be expanded, and the entrance to the Cathedral will be free.

It is assumed that despite the transfer, the Museum will preserve their legal status — owned by the city