Basilashvili: Batalov made in Russian film the facts of life

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. Actor Alexei Batalov was very honest in life and on stage and in the movie, after his appearance none of the actors could no longer afford to make work life even the slightest lie, told in interview to the Latvian radio Baltkom, the actor of theatre and cinema Oleg Basilashvili.

People’s artist of the USSR Batalov, died 15 June on 89-m to year of life. The actor starred in more than 40 films, one of his most famous roles — gosh (Georgy Ivanovich) in the film Vladimir Menshov «Moscow does not believe in tears».

«I remember Batalov a very long time. He graduated from the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, was an artist of the art theater… And I think that that is true, which preached Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavsky, Nemirovich-Danchenko, which prevailed in his time on the stage of the Moscow art theatre — Moscow art theatre, she would have entered the gene to Lesha Batalov and he praised our art is a new step in acting. He was a very decent, honest, good man, a true Russian intellectual,» said Basilashvili.

According to him, Batalov introduced on stage and on screen, genuine Russian, the Russian intelligence.

«Alex came never before seen on Soviet screens the truth of human life. The truth is simple, Soviet, Russian man. Never exaggerated, never detracting from the one truth, which long time was not on our screens, and it appeared again with the advent of Alexei Batalov… as long as there Batalov, to play, allowing even the slightest untruth in his work, no Soviet actor could not», — said Basilashvili.

He also noted that any, even a cameo role Batalov, was on top. «At least remember the film «the cranes are Flying». Tiny little ralescu, but how it’s played! And you believe everything in the authenticity of the behavior of this good pre-war Moscow guy, this Komsomolets, believes in life and loving his girlfriend,» said Basilashvili.

According to him, with the departure Batalov in the life of the Land is empty. «I think so — wonderful people… the Memory of Lesha Batalov I will never disappear, I will always remember this wonderful, wonderful artist,» — said Basilashvili.