Dolls and sweets: Russian manufacturers are conquering the Chinese market

© Photo : Hpina IV Russian-Chinese EXPO in HarbinDolls and sweets: Russian manufacturers are conquering the Chinese market© Photo : Xinhua

The Russian far East and the North-Western provinces of China have a successful and mutually beneficial experience of neighborhood and cooperation over many decades. New intergovernmental projects and agreements even more unite the residents of border regions of the two countries and increase their influence on each other. Activities such as passing in Harbin IV Russian-Chinese EXPO allow entrepreneurs to find new ways of development, and the simple townsfolk to understand the life and passions of neighbors.

The exhibition is held in the international exhibition and sports center, Harbin city, Heilongjiang province from 15 to 19 June, the Russian side in it take part more than 60 companies and 13 regions. The main regional partners of the Harbin EXPO this year was the Chelyabinsk region and South China’s Guangdong province.

Russian goods in recent years, increasingly gaining the Chinese market and the joint holding of major exhibitions such as EXPO promotes networking and the gradual promotion of products not only in border areas but also deep into both countries.

Manufacturers from the Far East are actively seeking to enter the Chinese market, as the promotion of goods in the Central and Western Russian regions is complicated by the high level of competition and the territorial remoteness.

Despite the abundance of new products, the latest developments of technology and presentations of ambitious projects, most attention was drawn to the stands with food, drinks and household use.

Chinese consumers trust the Russian manufacturers, and it was evident by the abundance of goods available at various stands. Most often, Russian companies will present their products, trying independently to directly enter the Chinese market. However, most of the products presented on the sites of the Chinese companies that choose and purchase them on the territory of Russia, and after promoting in different regions of China.

Sweets in joy

In recent years, China is gaining popularity, pastries, desserts and sweets from different countries of the world. Something the Chinese can do it themselves, but due to a lack of high quality local ingredients, flour, sugar and spices had to be imported.

As reported, the exhibition organizers, this year the stands are especially a lot of flour of Russian companies, which became highly popular as for wholesale and retail purchases.

As told the participant of the exhibition from Blagoveshchensk, Chinese buyers often opt for cookies, waffles, gingerbread. Candy and chocolate for the Chinese consumer, according to her, is too sweet, so use the smallest demand.

To stimulate interest in its products in China, the Russian manufacturers are trying to comply with the wishes of the consumer and create products targeting a particular market segment, for example, to manufacture confectionery products with reduced amount of sugar.

Another popular local product is undoubtedly the honey, especially honey from Eastern region. The most favorite brand among the Chinese is considered white fake, but Russian companies are expanding the range, and most of the time new products get recognition.

Company from Blagoveshchensk, which produces environmentally friendly products, brought to the exhibition cream-honey with the addition of a variety of taiga berries, and according to the representative of the company Tatyana, here the undisputed favorite is the honey, sea buckthorn and blueberries.

The favorite of the exhibition

A constant flow of people was observed in stands with Russian ice cream, which, according to suppliers, has constant success in the Chinese market, for example, it can be found in many shops of Harbin.

According to the representative of the Chinese company on import of Russian ice cream business is very active, and the range is constantly increasing.

Favorite Russian ice cream in China for a long time is the usual ice cream, due to the fact that it has a lot of milk and no additives.

According to the source Agency, the Chinese consumer appreciates the Russian dairy products and with a lot of confidence applies to a variety of dairy products.

Nesting dolls and Khokhloma

Traditional Russian Souvenirs are also presented at the exhibition. According to the Manager of one of the companies producing items with Khokhloma painting from the Nizhny Novgorod region, despite the wide range, the most popular souvenir of the decades is a doll. And if the earlier Chinese buyers didn’t care to buy made in Russia souvenir or made in China, now more and more customers tend to buy dolls, designed and painted in Russia.

Also have the Chinese consumer popular items of tableware with traditional Russian painted jewelry with miniature, scarves, vases.