For the center «Aerospace and aviation», prepared 67 the first exhibits

© RIA Novosti / Yuri Antimonopolschiki exhibition centre (VDNKH). The view of the fountain and the Central pavilion. Archival photoFor the center «Aerospace and aviation», prepared 67 the first exhibits© RIA Novosti / Yury Artamonov

For the center «Aerospace and aviation», which in 2018 will open at VDNKH, will bring exhibits from 27 companies in the rocket and space industry and the military-industrial complex, reported on the portal of the government of Moscow. The first 67 venues are already almost ready to ship.

Among the exhibits of a full-size mockup of the space station «Mir», Soviet unmanned orbital rocket plane (BOR-4), liquid rocket engines, the spacecraft «GLONASS-K», open satellite platform «Express-1000» and many other models of equipment.

The exhibition installation will commence in the third quarter of 2017. By this time, the Museum will transport about 120 major exhibits. Aerospace technology will require special conditions for transportation. At ENEA exhibits are scheduled to be delivered at night on a low freight transport, accompanied by cars of traffic police.