For transplant lungs child surgeons received the award «the Recognition»

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in photobakire during surgery. Archival photoFor transplant lungs child surgeons received the award «the Recognition»© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

Doctors of the center of Transplantology of a name of Shumakov has requested the award «Calling» for Russia’s first lung transplant to a child from an adult donor, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

«See how many people stood up. The result of this interaction is what is on the entire transplant… no Wonder many transplant community symbol — a piece of the puzzle that need to come together among themselves to get the result. These pieces of the puzzle we now demonstrate,» — said the head of the center named after Shumakov, chief transplant Russia Sergei Gauthier.

In October 2016, the head of Ministry of health Veronica Skvortsova told that in Russia successfully completed the first transplant lungs 13-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis. The operation took place in fsbi «Federal research center of Transplantology and artificial organs named after academician V. I. Shumakov» of rmph.

The award for the operation that saved the life of a man, got a group of surgeons from Nizhny Novgorod, which carried out the removal of the clot from the pulmonary artery in a pregnant woman. Also, this city has created a biochip for diagnosing 15 types of cancer, the team received the award for new diagnostic methods. For the development of medicine, representatives of non-medical professions, the prize was awarded to physicists Vladimir Khoroshkov and Gennady Klenov. The award was presented to the group of military doctors under the guidance of major of medical service Guzeeva Ruslana, who performed their professional duties in Syria.

National award «Calling» was established in 2001, the First channel and the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. The idea of the award belongs to the leading program «Health» Elena Malysheva, co-organized by a former doctor of «Ambulance», people’s artist of Russia Alexander Rosenbaum. The ceremony is held annually on the eve of the Day of medical worker, which in 2017 will be held June 18.