Hostile ROC the flow of information going through social networks, said the Patriarch

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Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill said about the wave of «new massive anti-Catholic propaganda» in Russia, which uses a single, according to him, cases of errors and occurrences unworthy of life among the clergy and which has a particular impact on youth.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on Friday spoke at the conference at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, dedicated to the centenary of the outbreak of the persecution of the Russian Church.

«Today, unfortunately, the youth we are seeing the growth of negative attitudes to the Church. This happens, of course, out of the blue — under the influence of strong and hostile to the Church information flow which spreads through social network. And in order to excite negative feelings, use some kind of error on the part of the clergy, oversights, some manifestations of unworthy life,» the Patriarch said.

The scale of the Church, said the Prelate, «these are isolated cases,» but they «therefore are illuminated to create an image of the Church, steeped in riches, in sin, indifferent to the daily hardships of the people.» According to the Patriarch, the same was observed in the late XIX — early XX centuries, and especially during the revolutionary years.

As noted by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, in revolutionary times of a century ago, many people «did not understand that they play that has an excellent outreach work that is carried out for money, most often foreign.» According to him, today, to repeat what happened in the past.

Patriarch Kirill believes that contemporaries need to explain «all the danger of an uncritical perception of those malicious thoughts, ideas, interpretations of events, which fell upon young minds and are designed to do only one thing – to tear them away from the Church, to weaken the influence of the Church on the lives of the people.»

«Wise is he who knows the historical experience to apply in their own lives. And God forbid that the tragedy that happened to our Church, brought us more experience, starting from which we have today could work the Cathedral, to peacefully overcome the difficulties that really exist in the life of the Church and in the lives of our people in an effort to strengthen the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace», — concluded the Patriarch.

«And what can we oppose? This is the case when any justification is counterproductive. We should oppose this one today of a massive new anti-clerical, anti-religious propaganda our history, our martyrs and Confessors, to tell the contemporary people, as had been the spitting, the beating, sauseng our Church on the eve of the revolutionary events, what are the myths used to discredit the Church, the Emperor, reigning dynasty, and thereby undermine the foundations of state order,» — said the Patriarch.