Hungary is ready to defend its position on migrants in the EU court

© AFP 2017 / Attila KisbenedekОфициальный the representative of the Hungarian government, zoltán kovács. Archival photoHungary is ready to defend its position on migrants in the EU court© 2017 AFP / Attila Kisbenedek

The Hungarian government is ready to appeal to the EU court to defend its position in the dispute with the EU on the issue of quotas for migrants, told RIA Novosti the representative of the government, zoltán kovács.

The European Commission on Tuesday took the decision to start a procedure which may result in the imposition of sanctions against the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in connection with the violation by the authorities of these countries of agreements on the distribution within the EU of refugees in Italy and Greece.

«We believe that this decision is contrary to EU law and cannot be enforced, it may not be in the interests of Europe and is a threat. If we fail to convince the European Commission, we intend to present the arguments of Hungary before the EU court,» said Kovacs.

Procedure prevent infringement takes place in several stages. If the Commission considers that the member state violates the norms of the European Union, it is an official letter will notify the country about their claims.

If the country member does not give satisfactory response, the Commission issued a reasoned opinion on the matter. Then, if the state does not bring its policy in line with this conclusion within the EC period, may appeal to the court of justice.

In September 2015 at the meeting of the heads of the interior Ministry of the EU by a majority of votes was accepted by the EC proposal that were on the territory of Italy and Greece 160 thousand illegal immigrants forcibly were distributed across EU countries. Voted against representatives of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Hungary is ready to defend its position on migrants in the EU courtMigrants in Europe: how and where to sail