Media: U.S. forces killed Afghan civilians, mistaking them for terrorists

Afghan authorities claim that American soldiers killed three civilians — two children and their father, reports RT.

The tragedy occurred after a U.S. military patrol was blown up by a roadside bomb. In all likelihood, the soldiers panicked and took to nearby locals for terrorists and opened fire.

Killing the father of a large family Zir Gul and his two children. Another child managed to survive. The nephew of the deceased men, told reporters that the explosion was next to uncle.

«The American soldiers started to shoot, the bullet flew directly at my face. I ran and hid, I only went a couple hours later. Uncle and his children were dead. I went to the village to tell everyone about what happened,» explained the child.

From Zira Gul left 12 children who were completely dependent on him. Their relatives say that the man did everything to provide for his family.

«We don’t need compensation, we just want the us military is brought to justice and punished for killing my relatives. Let the authorities promise us that it will be done,» demanded the relatives.

RT reminds us that the US authorities is usually serious about each case of the deaths of civilians, and promised to investigate. However, they often end only with apologies.