Medvedev instructed to study the relocation of four ministries in «Moscow-city», informs «Kommersant»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha in photobackgrounds business center Moscow city in Moscow. Archival photoMedvedev instructed to study the relocation of four ministries in «Moscow-city», informs «Kommersant»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha the image Bank

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev instructed to study the idea of moving the Ministry of construction, Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of communications and Ministry of industry and trade in «Moscow-city» building in the center of the capital in the second half of next year, reports the newspaper «Kommersant».

According to the publication, head of the listed ministries had sent a letter to Medvedev about the possibility of «creating a government complex of ministries and their subordinated institutions in a modern building in «Moscow-city».

«This project really is. Details are being worked out», — told the press Secretary of Prime Minister Natalia Timakova.

As writes the edition with reference to the text of the letter is the resolution of the Prime Minister, according to which the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov, Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov instructed «to study the idea of moving the Federal bodies of Executive power, having in mind primarily the minimization of costs for the maintenance of the departments, and the solution of organizational problems».

According to a source close to the discussion of the project, the Ministry now takes a total of about 300 thousand square meters. «It is planned that the new building they will occupy about 70 thousand square meters. This will save at least 1 billion roubles per year on utility costs,» — said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

It is emphasized that Medvedev addressed to the Ministers justify their request to move the fact that the creation of a single government complex will allow «to raise efficiency of state authorities», «to create a positive image of state authority» and «to improve the work with citizens».

According to the newspaper, to entrust the preparation and implementation of the project Ministers to request that the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML), to implement the relocation is planned in the second half of 2018. It is also reported that to compensate the costs of moving officials planned to realize in the future the buildings that now occupy the Ministry. The project will not require funding from the budget specified in the letter. According to the newspaper, the question is how will be used the vacated building, «still under development, as the consultations with the government of Moscow has not yet been conducted».