Moscow swimmers won awards sports contest of pupils of Russia

© mos.vinogradi VIII summer games of pupils of RussiaMoscow swimmers won awards sports contest of pupils of Russia©

Moscow swimmers won silver prize at the VIII summer games of pupils of Russia held in Rostov-on-don, said in a statement on the official website of the Moscow Mayor. In team competitions, they lost to athletes from St. Petersburg, third were the representatives of the Moscow region.

In solo performances became the second Muscovite Alexander Bykov. Gold and bronze were won by Antonina Maslova (Saint Petersburg) and Polina Kukushkina (Moscow region).

First place in the duets took Ksenia okay, Elizabeth Minaeva and Polina Kuznetsova from Moscow.

«Preparations for the games were hard and long. Daily practiced from morning till night 12 hours. Thanks to our trainers we have done the impossible. Our Duo there is less than a year. At first it was hard, uncomfortable, we didn’t get along. Now I’ve got used to each other, it became easier to work on the programs. During this time we won the championship of Moscow and Russia. Sports day — our third joint victory,» — said Ksenia right.

Competition in Rostov-on-don will be completed June 16.