Museums, workout and body: what to visit in Sochi during the confederations Cup

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In Sochi during the games of the confederations Cup, you will not only watch football but also to become a party open air, take lessons in the workout areas at the leading athletes of the country, to listen to the body and to visit the house in which he lived, the author of the novel «How the steel was tempered».

The confederations Cup will be held from 17 June to 2 July 2017 in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan. Sochi will host four matches: on June 19 at the «Fisht» will meet national teams of Australia and Germany, 21 June Mexico will play against New Zealand, 25 June – Germany against Cameroon. Team, semifinalists will play in Sochi on June 29.

Holiday under the open sky

As reported in the press service of the city administration, during the football matches of the confederations Cup in Sochi will have six sites, which will feature a cultural program for everyone. The work sites planned for the holidays.

The main entertainment activities planned for the area South of the pier. Since June 18 there will be performances by vocal and dance groups, cheerleaders, the freestylers, cover bands, magicians, and sand show.

The main event on the area South of the pier will be held on the day of the final match of the confederations Cup, July 2. Leading the event will be the popular sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev. On this day there will be organized Amateur competitions and master classes on street sports, extreme Motorshow and the competition samokatnaya sports, performances on the bike trial and the concert of the famous rap artists — ST and of the group «Caspian cargo». The festival will be equipped with a universal Playground «Sports town» for taking popular street discipline «workout» where you will compete and give master classes by leading athletes of Russia. Guests can try their hand at street football. And at the end of the festival will be a screening on the big screen the final match of the confederations Cup.

Prepared for the confederations Cup and Sochi museums. In the days of the competitions each of them will delight guests with new exhibits and fixed exhibits. Those who first arrived at the resort, exploring the city is best to start from the history Museum showing the history of the black sea coast and Sochi from ancient times to the present. In the halls of the Museum contains more than 4 thousand unique exhibits: instruments of labor of ancient people of the Paleolithic era, domestic utensils of the indigenous population of the Circassians, cultural objects displaced persons, military documents, flora and fauna of the region and much more. The Museum also has exhibition «Cosmonauts in Sochi», which presents unique exhibits of the history of Soviet space exploration of the twentieth century. For example, the lander spacecraft «Soyuz-9».

In the Museum of sports glory of Sochi presents more than 300 exhibits related to the Sochi achievements of famous athletes, Olympic Champions: Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Alexey Voevoda, Vladimir Kondra and Dmitriy ilinykh. Among the most valuable exhibits of the Museum — the bid book «Sochi 2014», the contract about carrying out of XXII Olympic winter games in Sochi in 2014 and the Olympic and Paralympic flags, models of coastal and mountain clusters and the torch of the 2014 Games.

Art lovers can go to the Art Museum, where an exhibition «the Magic of watercolor. Master and pupil» from the collection of the Academy of watercolors and fine arts and educational center «Sirius».

Another unusual Museum in Sochi — the literary-memorial house-Museum of writer Nikolai Ostrovsky, where in the last months of his life he worked on the novel «storm Born». The Museum opened on may 1, 1937, a few months after leaving the life of his master, and for 80 years keep the atmosphere of intense creative life and struggle Ostrovsky.

Just as the days of football matches in the Central Museum of arts (TSUMI) will start its work the exhibition devoted to the artist Sergey Bugrovsky, who died in April 2017. Exhibition No. 18 Sochi_Hephaesting, according to the curator of the project Irina Polozova, includes performance.

«The basic elements of a performance are the three main components: the prints of the naked body on the foil and other materials, three-dimensional effect of the performance, and fleetingly appearing and disappearing abstract painting on the clothing and body models», — stated in the message.

Performances and concerts

One of the trademarks of the resort — the Winter theatre is the main theatre and concert venue of the South of Russia. The building was built in 1937 and is a monument of architecture of Federal significance. On match days you can visit several productions Winter theatre, for example, the Comedy «Men don’t dance Striptease», action play «Six of my brides» and «Любовь.Собака@Точка.Ru» featuring stellar duet of Maria Aronova and Andrey Urgant.

Another musical attraction in the Sochi Hall of organ and chamber music named Alice Debolsky. Here is the only organ on the black sea coast of the continental part of Russia. To listen Sochi on will be at several shows: «the World authority», «Authority through the ages», «the Soul uplifting the body,» «sacred music of three centuries». In addition, the organ hall will host a concert «Dreams of love» featuring «Vivaldi-orchestra» and theater music of Svetlana Bezrodnaya, a concert of instrumental music «magic of the three strings» will close the season the performance of the Sochi Symphony orchestra.

One of the biggest concert halls of Russia is a concert hall «Festival», located on the beach and can accommodate 2,5 thousand people. Hall has opened the summer season 2017 and has prepared for the guests an interesting program. On the stage of the Festival will perform Russian pop star Philip Kirkorov, the group «Aquarium» and Elena Vaenga. Also, there will be a concert of Georgian dance ensemble «Iberia», the concert «La La land» with a Symphony orchestra.

In the Park «Riviera» is the «Green theatre» — an outdoor concert venue, which is rarely empty. In the days of the football tournament will be held symphonic rock show «Legend 55», where on 21 June the group will perform songs «Cinema», and on 3 July will take place the concert of Diana Arbenina, «Night snipers».

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