Muslims in Germany said about the weekly attacks on their mosques

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German Muslims do not feel safe, a feeling that they belong to the «religion second-class citizens,» he said in an interview with Rheinische Post, the Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany Aiman Mazyek.

According to the Federal government of Germany, during the first three months of 2017 was committed 200 crimes of hate towards Muslims. Most of the criminals, as the authorities say, refers to ultra-right organizations.

«Our mosques are no longer safe due to the increase in the number of attacks on them. New attack on mosque occur almost every week,» said Mazyek.

The police, according to him, is not enough to protect believers. «This reinforces the feeling that we belong to the religion second-class citizens,» he laments.

Earlier, the German Minister for family Affairs, senior citizens, women and youth Katarina barley stated the need to carry out prevention of radicalism among youth. She presented a report of his Department on measures to counter extremism, as well as the national plan against racism, developed jointly with the interior Ministry.

In Germany in recent years by the hands of minors and young people were committed several terrorist attacks. The court in Lower Saxony sentenced in January 2017 16-year-old German citizen of Moroccan origin, Safia S., accused of the attempted murder of a police officer and the support of a foreign terrorist organization, to six years imprisonment. 18 July 2016 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan who lived in Germany for about two years, was attacked with an ax and a knife at the passengers of a suburban train near würzburg. Four passengers were seriously injured. During the arrest he was shot and killed.

Terrorist group «Islamic state»* took responsibility for the attack. 24 Jul 2016 27-year-old Syrian man blew himself up in the Bavarian town of Ansbach during the music festival. 15 people were injured, the murderer himself died. In a statement via the Internet video, he called himself a member of the IG* and talked about a planned terrorist attack.

On 19 December 2016, the truck rammed the fair in Berlin, 12 people were killed and 48 were hospitalized. The German authorities stated that it was a terrorist attack. Wanted the suspect is 24-year-old Tunisian Anis Amri, who was driving the car, a few days later was murdered in Milan in a shootout with police. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the terrorist group ISIS*.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.