Putin believes that the stone’s «get» for an interview with him

© Showtime/KomandirПрезидент of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and American film Director Oliver stone during an interview. Archival photosPutin believes that the stone’s «get» for an interview with him© Showtime/Komandir

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the American Director Oliver stone that can «get» for an interview with him.

Film-interview with Putin was shown on Showtime.

«Thank you for your time, your questions for corrosiveness. You have never in your life beat?» — asked Putin.

Stone admitted that he, indeed, had to be broken.

«Then you are not used to. Because you will get,» — said Putin.

«It’s worth it if it will bring more peace and awareness in the world,» stone said.

Documentary stone «Interview with Putin» that the Director was prepared two years, leaves Monday on Showtime channel. Four-part film was fully revealed on June 12-15. The first channel has previously confirmed that it had acquired the company Showtime the rights to show this film in Russia will be able to see from 19 to 22 June.

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