Putin told about his attitude to the activities of Stalin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone said that he had a complex relationship to the activities of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

According to Putin, as he is against over-demonization of Stalin and opposed to forget about the horrors of Stalinism. «This is a difficult figure,» — said Putin.

Stone asked Putin how he refers to the fact that Stalin led Russia to victory over fascism. «I think you are a very clever man,» retorted Putin.

«Stalin was a product of his era. As much as anything to demonize and much else, on the other hand, to speak of its merit in the victory over Nazism. As for his demonization. In English history was such a leader as Cromwell. He was a bloody man. Came on the wave of revolutionary transformations, turned into a dictator and tyrant. Its monuments are still standing anywhere in the UK. Napoleon all adore. What did he do? Came to power on the wave of revolution and not only restored the monarchy, but also declared himself Emperor and led France to a national catastrophe, to utter failure. Such characters, such situations in world history is more than enough», — said Putin.

«It seems to me that the excessive demonization of Stalin is one of the ways of attack on the Soviet Union and Russia. To show that today’s Russia bears some birthmarks of Stalinism. We all carry some birthmarks. So what?», — continued the President of Russia. «The Russian capital has changed. Of course, in the minds of some, that remains. But that doesn’t mean we have to forget all the horrors of Stalinism, associated with the concentration camps and the destruction of millions of their compatriots», — said Putin.

He talked about the fact that even such «anti-Soviet», as Prime Minister of great Britain during the Second world war, Winston Churchill, was flexible in relation to Stalin. «Famous figure of the past, Winston Churchill was a staunch anti-Soviet, but when the Second world war, he was an ardent supporter of cooperation with the Soviet Union, and Stalin was a great military leader and revolutionary. After the Second world war, as we know, Churchill was the initiator of the cold war. And when the Soviet Union tested the first atomic bomb, none other than Winston Churchill said about the necessity of coexistence of the two systems. He was very flexible person. But I think that his attitude to Stalin, it never changes», — Putin said.

Stone asked Putin, whether admired Stalin his parents. «Well, of course. I think the vast majority of citizens of the former Soviet Union admired Stalin,» said Putin.

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