RT reports from Libya won the US International Film & Video Festival

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotomontaggi RT. Archival photoRT reports from Libya won the US International Film & Video Festival© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

The RT won three gold and one silver awards from the international festival US International Film & Video Festival, received a series of special reports from Libya, the video in the format 360 degrees, as well as two documentaries, reports on Friday the press-service channel.

«Victory (Gold Camera) in the category «Documentaries: transfer news: investigation/special report» won a series of military reports from Libya. RT correspondent William Whiteman from the front lines told of how the Libyan army liberated the city of Sirte from is militants*. During filming, the journalists came under mortar fire,» — said in a press release

Gold award in the category «Documentaries: environment, ecology» won the film «Н2нОль», telling about the acute shortage of drinking water in India. The film was also awarded with the special prize «the Best nominee – documentary». Earlier, the film «Н2нОль» and a series of special industry reports from Libya won the prestigious international television competition New York Festivals.

The main award of the festival US International Film & Video Festival in the category «Documentaries: video format 360°» received the video of RT «Space 360», prepared jointly with the state Corporation Roskosmos and RSC Energia. In November 2016, the first TV station in the world sent the audience into space, showing unique footage of the Earth in innovative panoramic format.

Silver award (Silver Screen) in the category «Documentaries: the story» documentary RT in Spanish España: la memoria enterrada («Spain: buried memory»). The story is about the victims of the civil war and dictatorship of Francisco Franco in Spain, celebrated on TV.

In 2016, the RT has already won US International Film & Video Festival, winning two awards of the highest category.

International festival US International Film & Video Festival held since 1967 in Los Angeles. The jury, consisting of members of the International Quorum of film producers (International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers), awards prizes in five categories: «Corporate», «Educational», «Entertainment», «documentary» and «Student» projects.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia